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            temporarily to be rewritten, or are yet to be posted as the fish increases in number and is closer to being sold.


Alfaro cultratus, Care Guide

Ameca splendens
Ameca splendens, Care Guide
Ameca splendens, Videos
Aquarium Racks, building
Aquarium Racks, Metal vs. Wood
     Aquarium Maintenance, A Modern Approach
Aquarium, repairing
     Raising BIG Fish
Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
Rare Fish
Red Worms
Repairing an Aquarium
     Ilyodon furcidens
Ilyodon furcidens, Care Guide
Ilyodon furcidens, Videos

Java Fern
Java Fern, Care Guide
Java Moss
Java Moss, Care Guide

     Salt, Using for freshwater
Selective Breeding
Select Aquatics Fishroom
Select Aquatics, Fish Care and Water Qualities
Select Aquatics, About
Select Aquatics, Email
     Select Aquatics Channel
Select Aquatics, Keeping SA Fish
Shipping, Receiving Shipped Fish
Select Aquatics, Video intro to filtration
     Shipping, Overnight vs.Priority
Shipping, Shipping Services
Shipping, The Other Fishkeeping Skill


     Species For Sale
Stocking Levels
     Swordtails, Breeding
     Synodontis lucipinnis
     Synodontis lucipinnis, Videos

     Beans, Green, for plecos
     Beginning With These Fish 

     Blackworm Culturing
Bolbitis Fern
Bolbitis Fern, Care Guide

     Breeders, Homemade
Breeding, Managed Breeding
Breeding Goodeids
Breeding Livebearers 1, 2
Breeding Swordtails
Breeding the Pleco Green Dragon
     Breeding Puntius padamya "Odessa"
Brine Shrimp
Brine Shrimp Hatcher

     Leucistic mutations
Levamisole hydrochloride
Limia nigrofasciata
Limia nigrofasciata, Care Guide
Limia nigrofasciata, Videos
     Limia Perugia, Boca de Cachon
Limia Tiger
Limia Tiger, Care Guide
Limia Tiger, Videos
Livebearer Disease
Livebearer Myths
Live Foods 1, 2
Live Foods, Baby Brine Shrimp
Live Foods, Blackworms
Live Foods, Collecting
Live Foods, Daphnia
Live Foods, Vinegar Eels
Live Foods, Microworms
Live Foods, Fruit Flies
Live Foods, White Worms
Live Foods, Mealworms
     Care Guides For Each Species

     Characodons, Keeping the

Characodon lateralis, Care Guide
Characodon lateralis, Puente Pino Suarez, Care Guide

Colorado licensing
Contact Us
Customer Comments  mm
     Customer Feedback, P. velifera 
     Customer Feedback, X. montezumae



     Neocaridina Shrimp
Neocaridina Shrimp, Care Guide
Neocaridina Shrimp, Videos
     New Tank Syndrome
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrifying bacteria

Tank, Basic maintenance 1, 2, 3
Tank, Bare Bottom 1, 2
Tank, Colony
Tank, Community
Tank, Setting Up
Tank, Species Only
Tank, Population Density
     Troubleshooting Guide - See Fixit Guide

Vinegar Eels
     Daphnia, Food mix recipe 1, 2
Danio Roseus, Care Guide
Diseases, 1, 2
     Duckweed, As infusoria starter

     Early Maturing Males
Endangered Species List
     Odessa Barbs
Odessa Barbs, Breeding
Odessa Barbs, Care Guide
Odessa Barbs, Origins
Odessa Barb, Growth Videos
Odessa Barbs, Videos
     Organic load on Aquarium
     Water Changes
Water Change System, Automatic
Water Quality, A Cleaner Approach
Water Quality, A practical Understanding
Water Quality, Filtration
Water Quality, Quick Fixes
     Plants 1, 2
Plants, Amazon swords
Plants, Bolbitis Fern
Plants, Crypts
Plants, Java Fern
Plants, Java Moss
Plant Species
Plants, Fertilizer
Plants Rooted
Plants, Potted

Pleco Green Dragon, Longfin
Pleco Green Dragon, Short Fin
Pleco Green Dragon, albino
Pleco Green Dragon, Care Guide
Pleco Green Dragon, Longfin, True Green Color
Pleco Green Dragon, Breeding
Pleco Green Dragon, Videos
Poecilia velifera, Customer Feedback
Poecilia velifera, Care Guide
     Poecilia velifera, Care and Breeding
     Poecilia velifera, Videos
     Polycarbonate Tops
     Puntius padamya- See Odessa Barbs


     Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula
Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula, Care Guide
Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula, Videos
Xenotoca eiseni, San Marcos
Xenotoca eiseni, San Marcos, Care Guide
Xenotoca eiseni, San Marcos, Videos
Xiphophorus alvarezi, Care Guide    
Xiphophorus alvarezi, Gold Care Guide
Xiphophorus alvarezi, Albino, Care Guide
Xiphophorus birchmanni, Care Guide
     Fertilizer for Plants
Filters, Types
Filtration, Biological 1, 2
Filtration, Mechanical 1, 2
Filtration, Overview
Filtration, Undergravel
Fish adjustment to New Environments
Fish, Choosing
Fishkeeping Tips
Fishroom, Moving
Fishroom, Take Tour
Fishroom, Setting up
Fishroom, Electrical Issues
Fishroom, Humidity
Fishroom, Blowers

     Fixit Guide, Introduction
     Fixit Guide, The Tank
     Fixit Guide, The Fish
     Fixit Guide, Diseases

Foods and Feeding
Foods, Cargill food
Foods, Live Foods
Fruit Flies
Fry, Raising
Fry, Harvesting
Fry, eating of by parents

     Xiphophorus helleri, Rio Otapa
Xiphophophorus helleri, Rio Otapa, Care Guide
Xiphophorus helleri, Rio Otapa
Xiphophorus mayae
Xiphophorus mayae, Care Guide
Xiphophorus mayae, Videos
Xiphophorus mayae, High Fin, Developing
Xiphophorus montezumae, Tamosopo
Xiphophorus montezumae, Tamosopo, Care Guide
     Xiphophorus montezumae, Tamosopo, Videos
     Xiph. Montezumae, Tamosopo, Care and Breeding
     Xiph. montezumae, Customer Feedback

     YouTube Videos

     Zoogoneticus tequila
Zoogoneticus tequila, Care Guide
Zoogoneticus tequila, Videos
Zucchini, Prepare for plecos
Goodeid Conservation
Greg Sage, Musician, PBS performance
Greg Sage, Contact




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