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            Rapid Grow Aquatic Plant Fertilizer


               This 10-5-14 aquatic plant fertilizer is the answer to paying too much to keep plants going in a multitank 
               fishroom. For photos of what it has done for the plants here, see Keeping Plants. In 2008, I noticed that
               hydroponic fertilizers were designed to fertilize large quantities of water in greater concentrations
               than we normally use to treat the plants within our aquariums. They would be dramatically cheaper than
               currently available aquarium plant fertilizers for a large fishroom, but would they work?

               And would these fertilizers be toxic to the fish or invertebrates that we keep in an aquarium?

               After 3 years experimenting with different types of fertilizers, consulting with their manufacturers and using
               them at various dosages, a mix and a measure was agreed upon that creates amazing growth for the plants,  
               and is totally non-toxic to the fish, invertebrates, and anything else living in the aquarium. The fertilizer is now
               packaged by Select Aquatics. This fertilizer costs only a fraction of what a conventional fertilizer costs
               to use. Each 6.0 oz. container will treat up to 44,000 gallons!

               This fertilizer, however, has not been tested in salt water aquaria, and if you are considering using it in
               a salt water aquarium, you can contact me at  for more information on its

               The Dosage: 1.5 teaspoons of the powdered mix is simply added to a gallon of water. 1.5 oz. (a turkey
               baster full) will treat a 30 gallon tank. Treat 2x monthly. The water mix can be stored for up to a month
               without problems, and the beneficial effect it will have on your plants can be seen within just a couple days.
               This fertilizer does not contribute to or encourage algea growth.

               This mix has been tested here at up to twice the concentration recommended without any ill effect on the
               fish, their breeding, etc. Plants take off in that they are sturdier, greener and grow quickly. All of the
               Amazon swords here have sent off reproductive branches covered with new young plants. One customer
               told me that a carpet plant that he had thought was long gone, and that he had even forgotten about, crept
               back up through the gravel after starting the use of this fertilizer!

               If you try Rapid Grow fertilizer, I would like to hear from you! And if you send pics of what the fertilizer has
               done for you, with your permission, I will post them here.

               Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics



         Rapid Grow Aquatic Plant


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                          What Customers are Saying about Rapid Grow Fertilizer:

                "After just 26 days- I've been checking all the other tanks that had plants in them before and all of
              them are doing great. Every anubias plant I have is sprouting new leaves (even the dwarf), and the
              cryptocrynes are filling out and growing like mad. The tanks in the fishroom though that have the
              same lighting over them HAVE shown much lusher growth on the plants... so my guess is that it's
              truly the food. Here are pics of before and after in our X. alvarezi tank."

              Greg and LeeAnn Steeves, Canyon Lake, Texas



    Sent by Greg and LeeAnn Steeves,
   One of their tanks after only 26 days
   of using Rapid Grow Fertilizer.


                 Hey Greg,

             Just wanted to give you an update on the fertilizer. I've attached a before and after shot of my 30 gallon tank.
             In 30 days I've had lots of new growth on the hornwort and water sprite. The aponogetons are sending up shoots
             with baby plants on them and the crypts and vals are sending up new plants. In another tank, the amazon sword
             that I've had for several years without showing any signs of reproduction, is sending up runners covered with
             baby plants. This stuff is great!

             I mixed my stock solution 50% stronger than the instructions so that I could dose it at 1 ml per gallon and get the
             recommended dosage. It makes it easier to dose smaller tanks or odd sized tanks. I do 25% water changes every
             10 days and add the fertilizer after every water change. I also did some testing and determined that at the current
             dosage it was adding only 1 PPM nitrate so I'm going to try increasing the dosage on a tank or two to see how it goes.
             I'm planning on picking up phosphate and iron test kits so that I can monitor those levels as well.

             I'll keep you posted on the results,
             Ryan Yoder, Mesa, AZ



     Ryan Yoder in Mesa, Arizona, sent these pics after just
    3 doses in 30 days!

    Rapid Grow fertilizer does not encourage algea
    growth and is harmless to fish, invertebrates and
    other animals kept in an aquarium. For fish that
    are sensitive to aquatic fertilizers normally
    (some loaches and invertebrates), you may want
    to watch to ensure they react to it well, as fish
    respond to this as they would any other fertilizer.



                "Greg- About that fertilizer. 4 days since I fed my tanks. I can honestly say I see a difference.
             The fast growing plants - duck weed is going like crazy. Super long roots like I have never seen.
             Naja is going crazy. Hornwort has gone loco. The rest of the slower growers are brighter,
             the crypts are standing tall. This stuff is the bomb! Thanks again!"

             Dave Jones, Denver Colorado


             Hi Greg-

            The fertilizer that you have is making my plants grow like crazy! I'll be sure to order more
            when I need it, also your A. splendens are lively and colorful, thanks again.

            Jim Vickery
            Fort Collins, CO



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