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                              Species Lineup and Sales Info


     To Buy: To order, simply email me at Customers have preferred to simply make payment into 
     the Paypal account at the Paypal site after contacting us.  If you do not wish to sign into Paypal,
     and wish to pay by credit card, a simple, secure Paypal billing invoice can be sent to your email address for payment if
     requested. Checks and money orders are gladly accepted, but a personal check will need to clear (2-3 days) after being
     received before shipping can take place. 

     Phone Calls - This past year I have received a number of phone calls from hackers and scammers looking to cause harm,
     so I no longer answer phone calls, but can certainly arrange for a time to talk with an email sent ahead of time. In fact, we
     can arrange for a video meeting if you have an issue you would like to discuss, or if you would like to take a look at how a
     fish is maintained here before purchase (Using Apple Facetime or Google Chat). Simply email me to set up a time that is
     convenient for both of us. I must mention as well, that when an order is received by phone, I must summarize our conversation
     and email it to you anyway, to establish a written record and ensure that the information is correct.    

     Extras are sent of most species fish to cover any that may be lost in shipment. So with a Fry Deal of 6 fish, for example, you
     are sent the 6 fish plus two extras, so you will receive 8 fish, unless stated otherwise. Extras are NOT sent with orders of a single
     fish, or with an order of sexed plecos (As they are too large, increase shipping cost and numbers are limited). With Overnight
     delivery, fish lost beyond the extras provided are replaced at no cost (Customer pays shipping).

     Losses are rare, and since the beginning of Select Aquatics, of nearly 1000 boxes shipped, only two orders have arrived
     with losses greater than the number of extras provided.  For overnight delivery the losses are well below 1%.

     Wait Lists:  This past year sales have kept pace with my ability to breed what is offered, so what is available changed often 
     over the course of the year. Because of this, I am discontinuing keeping wait lists, and will keep the Home Page updated
     with what is available at any particular time. Those currently on wait lists will still be contacted when their fish are ready
     to be shipped. Unfortunately, when wait list customers are contacted, generally fewer than 10% respond to say they want or
     do not want a fish, and I cannot sell the fish until I have heard back from the wait list customers. So when a fish becomes
     available, I will say so on the Home Page, and when it temporarily becomes unavailable, I will make the  change on the 
     home page.

     Shipping- I keep in close touch with all customers throughout the ordering and shipping process, and use USPS 
     Overnight Express Mail exclusively for the live fish. The success rate has been very good. Rates vary by distance from
     Denver, combined with the weight of the box. When an order is made I must estimate the shipping cost- if I ever
     overestimate on an order by more than $6 I will refund the difference so that no one is ever overcharged for shipping.
     There is no handling charge.

     Overnight Express Mail for 2 pair of young fish or 6 fry, shipped within the continental U.S., averages $45 - 60.
     Rates gradually increase as the weight of the box increases. All fish are fasted 24-48 hrs. prior to being shipped,
     and are sent in a carefully packed styrofoam box. The fish are professionally impulse sealed into comfortable, individual
     chambers in breather bags or knotted bags, 1-2 fish per bag.. See Receiving Shipped Fish for more details.

     FedEx will not ship Live Fish from this area, and UPS generally runs 3x the cost of USPS, so I do not consider either to
     be an option. Yes, even with USPS delivery, shipping cost will sometimes exceed the cost of the fish, but every effort is
     made to ship as compactly, efficiently, and professionally as possible to provide unstressed, relatively comfortable fish,
     ready to adjust to their new environment, for the lowest cost possible.

     Comments: If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact me.
     I respond to all emails within 24-48 hours, and enjoy conversations with customers regarding the hobby, the fish that are
     sold here, why some species are offered and others aren't, and how to attain the greatest results. A stable, consistent
     selection of species will be offered as Select Aquatics grows, and which species those continue to be is dependant
     on demand and the feedback I receive. I look forward to the continued conversations and providing fish that cannot
     be found anywhere else!

     Thank you for checking out this site and buying from Select Aquatics- your purchase supports keeping these fish in the
     hobby. Your participation  contributes to maintaining populations of these beautiful animals that are disappearing from 
     the wild, and from being maintained and bred by aquarists into the future. Thank you!

     Greg Sage- Owner

     Species Lineup:   Check Homepage for Availability

   * FryPacks are all 6 fish, and are not fry, but generally 2-4 month old, unsexed fish, unless stated otherwise.

     Alfaro cultratus-  $8.50 as adults,  FryPack of 6 - $35.00.  The Knife Livebearer
     A beautiful, easy going, hardy but delicate looking species. Yellow with blue and black highlights, 3.5 inches.    

   - These are doing well, with many for sale of all age groups. Fairly prolific, I keep the breeder adults in a 50 gallon long
     with lots of java fern, keeping them well fed, with moderate water changes. Females are moved to have  their young,
     which are then raised in separate tanks with BBS and a variety of dry foods.

     Ameca splendens, Rio Teuchitlan- $8.50 as adults, FryPack of 6 - $35.00
     An especially attractive line of the original wild population, these are a striking, hardy and fairly prolific goodeid.
     Now essentially considered extinct in the wild, this species used to be distributed throughout the hobby and is
     now less commonly seen.

     Characodon lateralis Puente Pino Suarez- New population- 12.50 each / $25.00 a pair The Rainbow Goodeid
     This new population has just begun to be introduced to the hobby, and are a particularly attractive and prolific
     population. Considered threatened as are all the lateralis, the hobby is very fortunate to have this group of
     beautiful fish to work with. These have started to breed out well, and young pairs are occasionally available.

     Ilyodon furcidens- $8.50 as adults, FryPack of 6- $35.00,  A  "Trout Goodeid"
     A colorful, beautifully marked larger goodeid that looks like a miniature U.S. native bass or trout. This
     species is one of the Ilyodon species known as the "trout" or "basslet" goodeid. This is a striking fish, and will
     look unlike anything else in your aquarium. They are peaceful and non-aggressive, but as adults can hold their 
     own with larger fish when challenged.    

   - These consistently show the intense, complex markings I have been selecting for. A recent pic posted at the
     species page and on the homepage shows the quality of the current breeders. This is definitely a fish that
     is enjoyable to look at, breed and work with. There are a large number of all ages available, but young fish ship
     much better than adults. A very neat, hardy, prolific, distinctive fish that doesn't look like anything else kept in the

     Limia nigrofasciata, Lake Miragoane, Haiti-   $8.50 as adults, FryPack of 6- $35.00  "The Humpback Limia"
     Rarer in the hobby than it should be, the male develops a raised back with striking dorsal and body markings.
     2.0 inches

  - This is a distinctive fish you do not see very often. The males are the most interesting looking livebearer kept.
     Females may reach 2 inches, males slightly smaller.

     Limia "Tiger", Lake Miragoane, Haiti-  $8.50 as sexed out adolescents, FryPack of 6 - $35.00,.  The Tiger Limia
     Still formally unidentified, an attractive new species from Haiti with distinctive vertical bars.

    -These are hardy, and when provided with fairly clean conditions and water changes, they reproduce easily.
     Not big fry eaters, a layer of Java Moss or  fine leaved plants ensures that most young will reach adulthood.
     Generally females are removed to have  their young, which are then raised separately.  Closely related  to the
     Limia nigrofasciata, the males also take until they reach full size to fully sex out, and are best bought as groups of fry. 

     Neocaridina spp./ Grass/ Algea Shrimp-  $.50 each  (Many extras are included)  
     A small algea eating shrimp that does not bother livebearer fry, great cleaning shrimp, prolific. .75 inch

     Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Longfin, Normal Color - 2 - 2.5 inches- $20, Sexed fish - $30. Check for availability
     of sexed fish. One of the nicest lines of Green Dragons available, they have been carefully bred here for excellent
     finnage and color. Reaching 5-6 inches, they are hardy and will eat algea. zucchini, green beans etc. throughout their lives.    

     Into their 6th generation of selective breeding, the line is becoming very consistent, with excellent color and finnage.
     Many hundreds are fish are being bred, and availability is kept up to date on the Homepage.

     Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Longfin Albino - 2 - 2.5 inches - $15.00. These are heterozygous
     for the longfin trait as they are still thrown and separated out from the normal longfin stock. Not similar in appearance to
     "normal" longfin albino ancistrus that are commonly seen, the Green Dragon albinos do not have any spots or markings
     on their fins or body as do the regular albino ancistrus. They are an even, delicate yellow/orange color, and just like the
     regular Green Dragons, the females are entirely without facial bristles (which appear in some available lines of the
     ancistrus plecos). These are very different in appearance and are a very different fish than the normal albino ancistrus

     Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Shortfin, Regular Color - 2 - 2.5 inches- Email for Price. These are
     heterozygous for the longfin trait as they are still thrown and separated out from the longfin stock. Their color has also
     improved along with the longfin line, and are selected for good color and robust appearance.

     The regular and albino shortfins are born here, but are not bred here. A few are thrown within the longfin Green Dragon
     spawns, and then are then separated and raised up separately. A few are then kept and grown out so that fish
     are occasionally available. Preferred by keepers of tankmates that may nip the flowing fins of the longfin fish, these shortfins
     possess good green color and do not exceed about 4.5-5 inches.

     Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Shortfin, Albino - 2 - 2.5 inches - Email for Price. Becoming less common 
     as the regular longfin Green Dragon line improves in consistency, these are still thrown occasionally, and are often available.
     However, because of their relative scarcity here, few are grown out into sexed fish.   

     Poecilia velifera, Yucatan Peninsula-  "Giant Sailfin Molly" -FryPack of 6-  $40.00       
     This is the largest sailfin molly in the world, the iconic fish used for the logo of the American Livebearer Association.
     Requiring a tank of at least 20 gallons, a layer of crushed coral is advised as they prefer a pH of around 8.0. These 
     do not require salt, and have never been adapted to it. They also do best when fed frequently and provided with good 
     filtration and aeration. A spectacular, husky, active, colorful fish, often talked about but rare in the hobby.  This line has
     been carefully selectively bred for the largest, most robust, colorful and showy individuals. Sexed fish are not yet
     available, but a few fry groups of 6 fish can be sold to a good home!  

     Puntius padamya "Odessa", Burma-  $7.50 each, FryPack of 6 - $35.00 
     Reputed to have the brightest red of any freshwater fish, this fish is truly breathtaking. 1.5- 2 inches as adults.

   - After having been bred out into the thousands over the last 3 years, the line was recently culled back to the best
     colored breeders, and a new round of them is being begun to further improve the consistency and exceptional 
     color of this line.

     Synodontis lucipinnis - 1 - 1.5 inch - $12.50 each
     Commonly referred to as the "Dwarf petricola", this hardy, active and beautiful catfish from Africa tops out at
     3-4 inches, is totally non-aggressive and an excellent community fish.

     This very attractive line had been maintained for research by a Colorado University for over 15 years, and were  
     obtained here in 2012. Gradual improvements to breed them in larger numbers are underway, check the
     Homepage for availability.

     Vinegar Eel Starter Culture-  $10.00  A tiny aquatic nematode used to feed small fry

   - I keep a supply of about 30 2-liter containers going, and ship in breather bags.

     Xenotoca lyonsi, Rio Tamazula-  $8.50 each as adults, FryPack of 6 - $35.00
     Both a particularly hardy and attractive Goodeid, these are available as young adults. The females will drop 5-15
     fry approximately every 60 days, and she should be separated to a small planted tank of her own, a very pretty,
     prolific and hardy goodeid!

     Xenotoca doadrioi, San Marcos-  $8.50 each as adults, FryPack of 6 - $35.00
     As hardy as any other population of X. eiseni, this population is likely the most colorful population of eiseni in the
     hobby. Best kept by themselves, females will drop 5-15 young after a 60 day gestation.

     Xiphophorus alvarezi-  $8.50 as adults,  FryPack of 6- $35.00.  The Blue Swordtail
     Arguably the most beautiful of any Xiphophorus swordtail. A striking blue sheen covers the caudal peduncle in
     the males, some of whom will turn a near solid red as they get older. Prolific, 3.5 - 4.5 inches
    -These have proven to be very hardy, and this line will occasionally throw mutations, including an occasional albino.
     Females are separated to have their young, which are then raised up separately.

     Xiphophorus helleri, Rio Otapa-   $8.50 as adults, FryPack of 6- $35.00.
     Introduced to the hobby in 2011, these are possibly the largest and one of the most colorful wild X. helleri populations
     in the hobby. Some young males will show a bright yellow stripe above their thick brown lateral line, which will fade as
     they get older and a bright red speckled dorsal fin takes prominence.

   - Once established breeding pairs are in place they can be be fairly prolific, as the females can surpass 5 inches, some
     males can reach 6 inches. Breeding consistently now with even sex ratios by feeding finer ground food when young fry,
     see the Care Guide for more information.

     Xiphophorus mayae, Rio Bellaire, Honduras-  $8.50 each, FryPack of 6 - $35.00
     The largest swordtail by body size in the world, rare in the hobby, only identified recently (1992) and a very beautiful fish.
     5+ inches.
   - These are doing great and young fish and pairs are available. This has proven to be a very prolific line, and when well fed
     generally do not eat their fry. We have about 15 breeders in a 40 gallon with lots of Java fern, going in monthly to remove
     fry. Check out the recent video  of the breeders, some just under 6 inches! Best bought in groups of 6 young (and with
     shipping, 8 are usually sent, as available), so that the hobbyist can grow them out to their full size with frequent feedings
     of quality food, adequate aeration and water changes.

      Xiphophorus montezumae, Tomosopo-  2 young pairs - $50 These will be available again soon.    
     This is the fish with the longest sword in the world, often exceeding 1-1/2 times its body length! A beautiful, 
     elegant fish with black and gold markings, it can get quite large, usually past 5 inches. A magnificent fish.

  -  This line of montezumaes has been very popular, and young pairs and unsexed young are available in limited quantity.
     See the video here.  Email for availability.

     This was my "Holy Grail" fish when I first started keeping wild fish, and finding a pair at that time took me over a year!
     Having this fish available for everyone is one of the main  reasons I started Select Aquatics.  I am pleased to finally
     provide access to them for hobbyists on demand, in larger numbers, and at an affordable price.  they have been bred
     up here in larger numbers, and a long wait list is being contacted. Once the wait list customers are satisfied, they will
     again be listed as available on the home page.

     Zoogoneticus tequila, Rio Teuchitlan-  $8.50 as adults, FryPack of 6 - $35.00
     Long believed to be extinct in the wild, this pretty fish has been the subject of many so far unsuccessful attempts to
     reintroduce it to the wild. A very attractive, special fish.


     Plants- Email for availability.

    Bolbitis Fern-  $15 per generously packed bag + $15 shipping.

     A large showy fern that does best with moving water, water changes and some aeration.

     Java Fern-  $15 per 12' bag + $15 shipping.

     Can be sent as small clumps or larger centerpiece plants as available. Grown as un-anchored floating plants here.

     Java Moss-  $15 per 12' bag + $15 shipping.

   - The plants are not grown attached to rockwork or driftwood, but can be trained that way as they grow.
     And though healthy and robust, they do come directly from populated tanks, so they may contain a snail
     or snail eggs. They are raised here using the Rapid Grow Fertilizer, so an order of the fertilizer can be
     shipped with the plants for an added $17, no extra shipping cost..


      GEN II  Pleco Caves -  Regular Size - $15 per cave + Shipping
                                                      Adolescent / Smaller species cave - $13 + Shipping

       Shipping (USPS 3-5 day One Price Priority)
       1-3 caves = Caves + $14 Shipping  / 4 Caves = Caves + $19 Shipping

      Designed to meet the preferences of the Green Dragon Ancistrus plecostomus, these caves are a great
      improvement over the general "one size fits all" caves that are currently available for breeding cave spawning
      sucker mouth catfish, most that the Green Dragons avoid. All of the Green Dragon breeding groups use these 
      caves, and  they will fight over these caves, even when other caves are present! Email
      to order. For orders of more than 5 caves, simply email for a quote.

     Levamisole hydrochloride- 10 grams $15 + $5.00 Shipping = $20
                                                                 20 grams $27 + $8.00 Shipping = $35
                                                                 52 grams $52 + $8.00 Shipping = $60  

    Rapid Grow Fertilizer:

    Developed here at Select Aquatics after years of searching for an effective plant fertilizer for larger
     fishrooms. It is both amazing as a fertilizer and inexpensive, each 6 oz. container will treat over 40,000
     gallons. This 10-5-14 general use fertilizer is mixed at 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water, then dosed
     at 1.5 oz. per  30 gallon aquarium, and you only need to fertilize once a month. It is $22 per container
     with $8.00 shipping, for a total of $30.

     Sodium Thiosulfate -  1 lb = $10 + $8 Shipping = $18
     Used by serious aquarists and labs, this is the chemical that is mixed with water and sold as the
     dechlorination product we purchase from the pet store. It does not age or "go bad" with cool, dry
     storage, and one pound will treat over 58,000 gallons! I tablespoon mixed in a cup of water will 
     create the mix that will remove chlorine from tap water at one drop per gallon.




         Available Soon: 

     Click HERE for more information on species being bred out, that are not yet available for sale.  

     Characodon lateralis, Red Morph-  $12.50 each / $25.00 a pair.  The Rainbow Goodeid
     Considered to be the most beautiful goodeid, it is also critically endangered and not easy to find in the hobby. 
     This is a particularly bright red line that I have been selectively breeding for especially intense red and black
     coloring throughout the body, as well as the fins. These are coming back and young pairs may be available,
     please email  for availability. 

     Xiphophorus alvarezi Gold-  After a period when there seemed to be little demand for this incredibly   
     beautiful swordtail, recent interest has caused me to refocus on them, and work to breed these back out in larger
     numbers.  So they do still exist, and are being bred out. A few pair have so far produced about 50 fry, and the young
     of the best fish from these batches will be bred out, the excess will be sold as soon as they are ready.


    Many species not mentioned are being developed or worked on for the future, and will be introduced as 
     they become available for sale. If you wish to ask about something you do not see advertised, simply 
     email me at The site is regularly updated, and the  availability listing is kept
     current at the homepage.


     All of the fish sold by Select Aquatics are bred and raised here, and efforts to maintain larger numbers better 
     assures that the fish you receive are genetically as stable as possible with proven, well known breeding
     consistency and hardiness. With newly created lines, understandably, the fish may not yet breed entirely true.
     When you order, I generally add extras  to ensure that you will always receive at least what you  have paid for.   

     How your fish do after they arrive in your tanks is very important to us, and we look forward to hearing
     how they are doing for you. Our mission is to ensure that every customer receives exactly what they want with 
     consistent, honest  communication, resulting in fish that are healthy and arrive to you as safely and affordably
     as possible. We thank you for your business, and look forward to responding promptly to any questions,
     concerns or suggestions you may have.

     I will update the site regularly. Younger fish travel better, acclimate more easily and cost less to ship, 
     so I will generally ship younger fish whenever possible. For information on gently acclimating your new fish to
     your water conditions, see  Receiving Shipped Fish and Keeping Select Aquatics Fish. For further, more
     in depth information on how each of these species is kept and bred here, see the Care Information page  
     for each species provided at  each species page, and from the Homepage

     Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics of Erie,  CO.






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