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    Ataeniobius toweri      Anteojitas, San Marcos, Rio Verde        



         Common Name- Bluefin Goodeid, Tower's Goodeid

         Water Conditions- Temp. 68- 77, Healthy Aeration    
        Behavior- Peaceful and non aggressive,
        Some nocturnal Behavior

        Breeding-  5-10 born after 60 day Gestation, Hardy  

        Size- 3.0 inches.
        Price- $25 a pair, Six 2-4 month old unsexed,
        $50 when Available. 

             Top - A group of males of different ages
                       Bottom - A young pair


           Once a species traded at conventions and well known in the hobby until the early 2000s, this species is known best for a
           commonly seen aquarium strain with powder blue fins and dark horizontal stripes. This fish offered is very different in
           appearance, and though, in my opinion, is the more attractive of the two populations, it is rarely seen. The males will
           lose the stripe as they mature, while the fins and body develop an all body Green/Blue sheen that is striking in the proper
           light. I was very fortunate to have found a few individuals in June of 2015, while visiting a fishroom in the midwest.

           These are now being offered for sale for the first time.

           Peaceful and a good community fish, these are generally kept in species only tanks due to their rarity and the need to
           save their fry. Conflicting information exists about their behavior and habits, and this may be attributed to differences
           between populations that have been cited in the literature. Though having been fairly well established in the hobby, more
           could be known about them.

           5 to 15 large fry are dropped after a 60 day gestation, and they do not bother their fry. Young grow quickly on newly
           hatched brine shrimp and crushed flake food. This is a fish that will likely disappear from the aquarium hobby
           if an effort is not made to keep and breed them! 
           Not a difficult fish to maintain, they are not picky about diet and will do well on dry food, though live or frozen foods
           are always appreciated. More on their care can be seen HERE.



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       A gravid female. The females are 25-30% larger than the








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