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     You can contact us to order, ask questions about what you see here, or offer suggestions. If you expect 
    to be in the Denver area, simply call, email or text me to set up an appointment to see the fishroom or to
    purchase fish.

    I try to respond to all emails within 48 hours, and spend most early mornings responding to emails.
    I am available to answer questions about the fish at this site, especially to help determine which species
    will do best for you, and answer any questions you may have before the fish are in your tank!
    I care that every customer does well with their Select Aquatics fish, and will try to help whenever possible
    when problems arise, etc.

    Because things have become so busy, I can no longer have phone conversations from impromptu calls, but
    can talk with you if we arrange ahead of time. I do respond to texts, but ask that you email me,
    ( where I can respond at greater length, and information regarding your order,
    shipping options, and best days to ship can be addressed more easily in an archived format. As well, so
    that miscommunication does not occur, if you do send a text to order, I will need to email you back to
    put the order together anyway.

    Some customers have asked for assistance when building and installing the water changing system, or with
    issues that have come up with their fish that required a second opinion. We have recently purchased webcam
    video equipment to allow for mobile video conferencing within the fishroom to help demonstrate how things
    are done here, and to answer any questions you may have, by being able to observe into the tanks directly.
    If you would like to meet in a video conference, email me to set up a time.

    When you contact us to make a purchase, I will keep in close touch by email throughout the shipping process
    to ensure safe and easy delivery of your fish. I attend a number of fish conferences throughout the year,
    but still keep in touch with customers, accept orders and arrange shipping when out of town, (Though
    shipping will need to wait until my return). 

    To breed species that were once thought impossible or that are disappearing, and keep fish that may have
    been the source of years of study and interest motivates me today just as it did when I first started. If you
    have questions regarding the fish you see on this site (or would like to see), please don't hesitate to send
    me an email- I'd like to hear from you. I understand the excitement of getting new fish in the mail, and want
    to work with you to make the shipping process as positive and simple an experience as it can be- and if you
    happen to make it to a conference where I am attending, please do not hesitate to come over and introduce 


    Greg Sage
    Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.
    167 McAfee Circle
    Erie, CO. 80516






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