What Do Customers Think of Select Aquatics?



     When anyone orders from Select Aquatics, you must email me (selectaquatics@gmail.com) to let me know what you are looking for,
     and your zip code. With that information I will send you back a quote for your order plus shipping cost, how to make payment
     (Paypal, send a billing invoice to you, money order or personal check) and the next shipping day that is available.
     I follow the entire process with you, and I ask everyone to let me know when the fish arrived safely. With each order I make sure
     everything goes as smoothly as possible, and many customers write positively about the experience, but to be honest, I only
     occasionally remember to ask to use their comments on this page. 
     Sometimes a customer will write a blurb and ask to have it posted, and I am all for that! I have removed the last group - some
     that were over 3 years old, and here are the first of the next group! If you have a comment about your experience,
     please send it to me. I try to post new comments within a couple weeks, but because of the recent website redo, these first
     two comments are a couple months old. Sorry Andy and JW!

     Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics



     Hey my friend, I have to say wow! From what your describe on your site to what comes is far from a close description! They're beyond
     what your describe and magnificent! I couldn't ask or even wish for a more enjoyable and awesome transaction, sir! You, are by far one
     of the top two persons I've ordered from and I only order and do business with 4 people for about the last 8 years! So, needless to say
     I'm exited to setup my next order with you very soon for the lateralis and a few others! I have a large channel on YouTube and will be
     posting a video soon about the unboxing, and thanks you so much for the extras, not many out side of the old school guys like you and I
     that consider doing such a thing anymore!

     You're great my friend and look forward to a lot more dealings with you very soon!!! The video will be up and my channel is Jwhiser1302
     on YouTube and hope you can find some time to see it! Thank you again, and WOW, you're an asset to this great hobby! Talk with you soon
     to setup my next order!


      Well, first off let me say Greg Sage of Select Aquatics is a FIRST RATE Online Retailer, and the most HONEST Retailer
     I have dealt with in at least 10 years, weather online or in person!!! I have been searching online for some TRUE
     Alvarezi Sword Tails to add to my Colony when it gets far enough along and found Select Aquatics. In doing so I started
     to read the VAST WEALTH of info he has on his web site in both breeding and raising all kinds of “Wild Type” live bearers,
     but he also has an AWESOME Fish Room, and has gotten the art of successful Fish Breeding in larger numbers while
     maintaining HIGH QUALITY FISH, Plants, and Tanks down to a Science!!!

     The business I have done with him so far has been a Great Pleasure, and when I ordered 3 of the Box Filters, along with
     other things from him on the first order one of the box filters cam in very slightly damaged from the shipping process,
     and Greg went ABOVE AND BEYOND anything expected to make it right!!! EVEN THOUGH it was totally NOT HIS FAULT!!!!
     I am a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!! We are in the process now of waiting for my Sword Colony to get a bit more mature to add
     some of his BEAUTIFUL Alvarezi to mine, and I am also planning a few other Breeds from Select Aquatics to go with my
     Betta Rubra Colony, as well as another tank or 4!!!LOL I have also picked up some of his “Algae Eating Shrimp”, and I
     have to say these guys are doing there job, and are very cool too and tough as Tanks to boot! They are my first try at
     Fresh Water Shrimp, and I already have 4 berried Females! I have had salt for years, but never Fresh Water Shrimp, and
     if you are wondering if you should try them , DO!!! You won’t be sorry!!! I haven’t figured out what algae they refuse
     to eat yet, but they like a lot of it, and are constantly on the look out in their
     10g I have setup to get them going!

     Again Greg is a First Class Fish Breeder, Seller, and Shipper!!! Buy with ABSOLUTE Confidence when buying from Select
     Aquatics and Greg Sage!!! I myself have been in the hobby over 35 years, have worked for one of Central Texas’s Best
     Local Fish Shops and Aquarium Service Company’s, and over all AQUARIUM NUT!!!! I have dealt with my share of both good
     and bad retailers, and being in Retail for 18 years, I EXPECT A LOT!!! When I DON’T get it I will tell them and OTHERS,
     but when I DO I WILL DO THE SAME!!!! Greg is a KEEPER!!!

      Andy C. Woodway, TX



                                                     If you would like to comment on your experience with Select Aquatics,
                                           and would like to share your comments on this page, just email me at
                                           selectaquatics@gmail.com. If you send a pic of your fish, I will post it! 




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