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     When you order from Select Aquatics, you must email me (selectaquatics@gmail.com) to let me know what you are looking for,
     and your zip code. With that information I will send you back a quote for your order plus shipping cost, how to make payment
     (Paypal, send a billing invoice to you, money order or personal check) and the next shipping day that is available.
     I follow the entire process with you, and I ask everyone to let me know when the fish arrived safely. With each order, I make sure
     everything goes as smoothly as possible, and many customers write positively about the experience, but to be honest, I only
     occasionally remember to ask to use their comments on this page. 
     Sometimes a customer will write a blurb and ask to have it posted, and I am all for that!  If you have a comment about your experience,
     please send it to me, and I may use it here-   Thank you!!

     Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics



     Mr. Sage provided me with the best experience I could've asked for. The wonderful fish he breeds are priced very affordably,
     and are super high quality. He always responded to our emails swiftly and was extremely  helpful with any questions and
     concerns we had. His packaging of the fish was phenomenal, and all (even the extras!) arrived across the country in
     excellent condition! They are beautiful, healthy, and active. For my first  time receiving shipped fish, it was incredibly
     stress-free as I knew I could trust the process. Despite there being a small delay due to the USPS,
     Greg quickly assured us that the fish would be fine. Mr. Sage has a great reputation in the livebearer hobby, and I can 
     say he has totally lived up to that reputation for me and I'm looking forward to ordering from him again!
     I seriously can't recommend him enough. Thank you for all you do for the  hobby, Mr. Sage!

    Christina K. NY    


     Hi Greg, You may remember my purchase of 50 Odessa barbs which you sent out in early December
     of last year. I believe you said they were 2 to 3 months old at the time.

     As you have stated, photography and video are a bit of a challenge with this species due
     to their marked activity, the type of lighting, their mood, etc. Nonetheless, they have matured
     into a spectacular schooling and phenomenally colored group in my solitary species 50 gallon tank.

     In fact it is probably the best schooling fish I've ever had in my 60+ years in the hobby.

     Thank you again for your dedicated years of line breeding of this species.

     Ed, Rio Verde, AZ



     Hey, Greg -The Lateralis arrived in excellent health, and might I say they are the highest quality fish I've ever received!
     Great sizes, great coloring, great condition, absolutely splendid. Packaging reminded me of Doctors Fosters and Smith who
     package their fish much the same which is a huge compliment as they are considered the best packers in the Saltwater industry,
     and you're a few steps ahead of them with the Breather bags. Packing peanuts were great, almost zero movement of the
     fish which my mentor Dan Underwood really empahsized in his packing techniques for seahorses. Wrapping and insulation/heating
     were perfect as I expected. All in all the experience met my expectations which were as high as they could be.

     Nick B, Falls Church, MA


     Dear Greg, I have 8 beautiful Alfaro's happily swimming in their new home, they are already eating crumbled flake. They arrived
     in Waynesboro,Va. at noon today and I picked them within the hour. This has been a great experience from start to finish. I'm not
     sure how many of my fish friends are aware of your services but you can bet I'll tell them at our next meeting. Thanks a million
     for everything ,

     Joe, Waynesboro, VA


     Hey Greg,
     Just wanted to let you know the fish and shrimp, arrived in stellar condition and I'll definitely be doing business with you
     again soon. Everything was really top notch, exemplary, definitely fulfilled the high standards I had assumed from your
     equally thorough website. The fish & shrimp have acclimated well, and my clients are thrilled to have Goodeids in
     their tank.

     Thanks again,

     -Travis P., Novato, CA


     Select Aquatics
     Fish all arrived alive and very healthy perfectly packed for shipping... I am very pleased with customer service and the supreme
     quality of the fish... we will definitely be doing more business together

     Thanks again

     Jason W., Wichita, KS


     No DOA at all! All are swimming well, and acclimating well. What were you feeding? I ask just for consistency's sake, I want to
     be sure they can eat what they're use to. Thanks! The fish all look better than I anticipated! And even the shrimp have such a
     beautiful color variation. Wow. And so many extras! Thanks again for everything, and for the purchase experience being so smooth.

     P.S. Oh and the shipping was fantastic as well absolutely flawless.

     Samuel G., Tyrone, PA


     Hi Greg all the fish came in safe and sound all are looking good even a ghost shrimp managed to slip his way into a bag
     and made it lol. The packing was great easy to separate fish and quarantine and acclimate. I’ve ordered online through
     other fish suppliers and have noticed everyone has there own way of doing things but I feel with this order the way it
     was packed took a lot of time and care for the fish to make sure the best quality and survivability and to insure the
     least amount of stress for the fish.

     I’m truly pleased with the whole experience well worth the wait. I think one of the most important things that I was really
     impressed with was your willingness to make sure every question I had was answered customer service has been lost
     with bigger vendors I feel and it’s nice to know there are still those like you and your business that care about the fish
     you sell and the customer. I will be a return customer for sure and will definitely keep watching your videos on YouTube
     and hopefully learn a lot more on the hobby and fish keeping in general the more info the better and hopefully I can help
     others learn more about these species. Thank you for all the help and hopefully we can do more business in the future.

     Thank you for your time:

     Mike M. Troy, MO


     Greg, I just wanted to let you know that the fish arrived save and sound and are happily eating in there new digs.
     Having collected fish in many countries and shipped and received fish I always appreciate when someone does a great
    job in getting the animals without any losses. Often, I get fish that are shipped at the wrong time or not properly
     packaged resulting in losses. Thank you for doing a good job. We just got through the fires here in Sonoma where I
     did loose some fish when the power was out for 10 days and we were evacuated. Its nice to get things rolling again
     with some new fish. Do you know the critical low temp on both species you sent me? In the summer I sometimes put
     fish outside for up tp seven months. My Uruguayan species I can keep out almost all year.
     Thanks again.

      Paul R. Sonoma, CA


     Hello Greg,
     I received the fish and they came in great condition! Your good packaging/shipping technique reputation definitely
     precedes you. I’m glad they came in looking good too, since recently I had purchased some corydoras from a private
     seller and they were DOA (that particular seller had bad packaging methods; no heat packs and 3 fish in one small bag).
     This left me a bit traumatized.

     I just put them in the tank after doing a variant of drip method for an hour. They’re actively swimming and looking happy.
    Thank you a lot for giving me that extra big male. He looks gorgeous. Overall I’m very happy with how they look, they’re
     much better live than in pictures or videos. Thank you a lot for your help Greg, I’ll gladly be buying more fish from you
     in the future (as soon as my fiancée lets me have more aquariums in the apartment hah). I’ll see if I can get a nice photo
     of them later when they stop swimming so much and I’ll send it to you.


     Pedro P. Saint James, NY


     Hi Greg - I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the baby green dragons you sent me are amazing. Not only is the color
     and finage (if that's a word) spectacular but they are also amazing algae eaters. The tank they are in has a couple of older plecos
     in it who have given up the algae eating battle so the tank pretty much has a rich green mat of algae over all the wood and rocks -
    the little guys have been cleaning like crazy since I put them in and they have made quite a dent!

     At any rate, I just wanted to thank you for the fish - most spectacular - can't wait until they have a few years on them and grow
     into their fins.

     John D. Austin, TX


     By the way, your Odessa’s are absolutely, positively, truly AMAZING! I see Odessa’s in the local shops all the time but nothing
     compares to your “strain”. The colors are amazing. They even have a very noticeable blue “spot” at the back of each eye! They’ve
     grown up nicely and several females are already spawning with several males in my community tank. I haven’t yet separated them
     to try and breed. They are just happy, fat, colorful and well-behaved fish!

     Joseph N. San Diego, CA


     All the fish I got haven't missed a beat, they are super heathy and have had big appetites from day one. They also adjusted very
     quickly to there new environment, couldn't have gone any smoother, thanks again so much!!!!!!

     Julie P. Wilmer, AL



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