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       Ameca splendens  Rio  Teuchitlan, JAL, Mexico 


          Common Name- The Butterfly Goodeid

        Water Conditions- Not Critical. Temp 70- 76 Degrees,
        Plants, Vegetable in Diet

        Behavior- Well Behaved with One Another. 
        Breeding- 5-15 Young Every 60 Days. Females do not
        do well when Moved to Spawn. Not Fry Eaters.

        Size- 3.5 inches
        Price:  $10 each, 
        6  2-4 Month Old Fry- $50.00


    This is another critically endangered fish, only recently found to still exist in two small,
    confined habitats. This goodeid was first introduced to the aquarium hobby in 1971.
    Originally from Jalisco, Mexico. It was once occasionally seen in pet stores, but hasn't
    been available commercially for many years. The yellow band through the tail of the male
    becomes very striking as it gets older, while the females display complex black mottling
    along the sides and fins. I did not understand the common name "Butterfly Goodeid" until
    recently when watching a group of healthy, well fed adults in a 30 gallon tank sparring and
    chasing one another. The bright yellow stripe on the male's tail really does resemble the
    color and movement of butterfly wings.

    Though well behaved with one another, they are best kept in a species only tank,
    particularly with their being as rare as they are. This is one goodeid that should not be
    kept with the Neocaridina Shrimp sold at this site, as the splendens may eat them.
    Primarily herbivorous, they require a vegetable component in their diet.

    Females do not do well when removed to drop fry, often dropping stillborn fry shortly
    after being moved. Fortunately, they are not big fry eaters when provided with lots of
    plants. When given a consistent, stable environment, kept fairly clean with regular
    water changes, this fish has been one of my most attractive and prolific goodeids.
    More information Here.



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             Only the males possess the bright yellow stripe. The females are speckled as in the pics above left.






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