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                         Other Plecos


                                   We are currently breeding a number of lines of plecos, all derived from the Green Dragon
                                   ancistrus. The Green Dragon line in the hobby is still relatively new, and as the line becomes
                                   more genetically consistent, will throw examples of the lines used in its development.
                                   As these occasional shortfin and albino fry are particularly beautiful fish, (and not everyone
                                   wants long finnage) we keep a number on hand to offer here at far less than the cost of the
                                   regular Green Dragons. All are subject to availability. All of the fish here are then
                                   heterozygous for the long finned Green Dragon, in that when bred you will receive some
                                   longfin Green Dragon fry. For a Care Guide for this fish, click Here.

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                             Green Dragon ShortFin 1-3 inches

        A very hardy plecostomus that grows to between 5 and 6 inches, and
          will eat algea all of its life. But algea must be supplemented with a
          green vegetable, such as blanched zucchini or green beans, which
          can be fed straight from the can. A great community fish, and with
          a cave and a tank where eggs are not eaten by tankmates, they are
          not difficult to breed.

          Price: Unesexed 2-3 inch fish - $20.00  Check Homepage for availability.



                        Green Dragon Albino Shortfin 1-3 inches

              Just as hardy as their normal colored cousins, these are a
               a beautiful, evenly colored yellow to light orange, and the 
          sexually mature males sport especially large branched bristles.


         Price: Unesexed 2-3 inch fish - $15.00  Check Homepage for availability.





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