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         Zoogoneticus tequila  Rio Teuchitlan, JAL, Mexico


              Water Conditions- Not Critical. Good Filtration,
              Water Changes, Temp- 68-77 Degrees

              Behavior- Peaceful Community Fish, Best
              Kept in species only tank, due to its rarity.

              Breeding- 5-20 young Every 60 days.
              Separate Females to Drop Young,
              Raise Young Separately.

              Size- 2.5 inches

              Price- $15 each
              $30 per Young Pair

    This goodeid has been considered extinct in the wild for over 35 years, but there
    have been recent reports of isolated populations that may still be in existence.
    There have been a number of attempts to reintroduce this fish back to the wild
    without success, and it is only currently being kept today by a few hobbyists.
    This is the rarest fish I offer on this website. In fact, this was the
    American Livebearer Association species maintenance program focus species
    in 2008, chosen because its numbers have been declining in the hobby, and was
    being kept by relatively few. I came across this line over 10 years ago, and it has
    proven to be fairly hardy, and reproduces well. The males when in breeding color
    will become charcoal black, (as can be seen in the video) with a bright orange
    stripe in the tail. A very attractive fish. If you would like a species whose ultimate
    survival depends on people like yourself keeping it, this is the fish you are
    looking for.

    This is not a difficult fish to keep, and most who have kept this line have had
    success with it.  Females reproduce best when moved into a separate planted
    tank to have their young, as they can be fry eaters. A well filtered tank
    with regular water changes is essential, and occasional live or frozen food
    will guarantee regular drops of 10-15 young about every 2 months.
    Once the young are large enough to fend for themselves (3 weeks+) they can
    be released in with the adults.

    When I first began keeping rare fish, this was an important fish for many
    hobbyists in that it was very difficult to find, and success at keeping it could
    be tricky. Improved care and concern for its rare status has increased its
    numbers, though it is still rarely seen when compared with other goodeid
    species being kept. Which is a shame, as it is a pretty and interesting
    little fish. More Information here.

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     A very gravid, young female
     tequila. This species breeds
     best when first sexually mature,
     and their production of fry
     declines as they age. This
     female will likely produce
     8-10 fry that can escape
     predation from other adults
     by having her drop the fry
     in a separate small
     container of her own, with
     some fine leaved plants.








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