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          Xiphophorus mayae, Rio Bellaire, Honduras


             Water Conditions- Temp. 70-78, Water Changes,
             Require Plants to Hide, Keep in 20+ Gallon Tank
             Behavior- Peaceful Community Fish, Shy
             Breeding- 10-40 Young approx. Every 30 Days
             Size- 6 inches

              6- 2-4 mos. old- $40.00
             Older, Sexed Fish as
             Available $10 each


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     This is the largest bodied swordtail in the world. With frequent feeding, lots of live food
    (Blackworms and earthworms in particular) and frequent water changes, these fish will
    surpass 5 inches, with a long, striking sword. The X. mayae male on the Home Page with 
    a very long sword represents the current breeders. When allowed to fully grow out, the 
    alpha males are simply magnificent with coloring that is just as impressive as their size.

    For a brief discussion and pics of the big swordtails at this site, Click HERE.

    The male in the upper picture is well over 5 inches, and some males develop very long
    swords, The third video of an older group shows how large they can get. Identified by a
    thick, high body- especially the broad caudal peduncle, the long spotted dorsal fin and 
    black stripe that continues down through the eye, this is a distinctive looking swordtail
    This fish was only recently identified (2002) and in the specialist hobby for less than 10  
    years, is a highly sought after fish. A friend has a 150 gallon tank planted with long leaved 
    Vallisneria, Sagitaria and Java fern, full of only mayae, and it is spectacular. They are
    less enthusiastic about eating fry than some swords, but it is still best to separate 
    females to another container to drop her young, which then should be raised away
    from the adults until they are about 1 month old. More information Here.


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