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                       Xenotoca lyonsi, Rio Tamazula


      Common Name- The Red Tailed Goodeid

      Water Conditions- A very hardy fish, 65- 75 degrees, some aeration and

      Behavior- Non aggressive with one another, but may be aggressive with
      other fish.

      Breeding- Fairly prolific and young are easy to raise.

      Size- About 2 inches

      Price- $10 each, 2-4 month old fry- $40.00


      Like most goodeids, these are an endangered species, with few populations
      being kept in the hobby. These were collected around 2003, and were
      recently donated to Select Aquatics by a local university.

      This population is one of the most attractive. The males possess a tail and
      caudal peduncle that are a brilliant yellow with an overall blue sheen and
      spangling on their bodies. They reproduce easily but females should be kept
      separate in a heavily planted 5 or 10 gallon tank to drop their fry, as they
      can be fry-eaters.  A mix of both vegetable and higher protein foods are
      appreciated, and they should be kept below 76-77 degrees for them to do
      their best.

      This fish is possibly the most temperature tolerant carried at this site.
      Tested for cold tolerance, these did very well in an unheated greenhouse
      here in Colorado, where temperatures got to as low as 50 degrees in the
      wintertime without ill effect to the fish. As well, this population has
      done well kept as high as 78 - 80 degrees.

      For those with ponds looking to an alternative to goldfish or koi, and
      even to the larger swordtails such as the X. mayae or X. helleri, this
      population of X. eiseni would be a hardy, prolific, colorful choice.

      They will produce from 5-20 fry, depending on their age and size, after a 60
      day gestation period. Young are large enough to feed immediately on baby brine
      shrimp and will grow quickly with frequent feedings, aeration and routine water
      changes. For more information on keeping this species, click HERE.

      This fish had its name changed in 2016. It was formerly known as 
      Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula.



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