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                      Speaking and Appearances


                  Greg Sage BM., MEd., has written for "Livebearers", the Journal of the American Livebearer Association.
                  He also led the ALA as chairman for 2 terms, from 2000 to 2004. He has also written articles on Livebearers,
                  Livebearer Husbandry, Selective Breeding, setting up Fishrooms and automatic water changing systems
                  for numerous club publications. Since 2008 he has also spent a few days a week as a visiting researcher,
                  assisting Limia research at the Fish lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in association with
                  Dr. Alex Cruz. He is also the owner of Select Aquatics of Erie, Colorado, a licensed wholesale and
                  retail seller of Tropical Fish.

                  Speaking to clubs since 2000, he has spoken at conventions and Fish shows throughout the country,
                  particularly since the start of Select Aquatics in 2009.

                  A fish geek since middle school, a bedroom of 10 tanks of guppies is now a 120 tank fishroom breeding
                  large numbers of many rare and difficult to obtain species of livebearers, as well as some barbs and catfish,
                  so they can be better understood and maintained in the hobby.

                  Each fairly fast paced talk takes between 60 and 75 minutes, with questions afterwards. Numerous photographs
                  and videos throughout the talks present everything clearly in an informal but informational presentation.                 

                  Formerly a touring musician (Trumpet) that performed for many years from both the East  and West Coasts,
                  Greg still plays daily and performs regularly in the Denver, Colorado area.

                 To arrange to have Greg Sage come out to speak to your club or fish organization, simply email
        and we will get right back to you. Up to two talks can be given on a visit.

                                              Here are the talks that are being given currently:



                      Livebearers- No longer Child's Play




          An effort to identify and categorize most of the livebearers in today's hobby, this talk opens
          briefly with the strains of Guppies, Mollies, Platies and swords that we are all familiar with. After
          looking at their wild forms, this leads to the livebearers seen in the greater hobby today as either
         Goodeids, Poeciliids, Wild Swords, Oddballs and UBDFs (Ugly brown ditch fish- some that are
         rare and most in need of conservation), all available to the hobbyist. Each category shows many,
         if not most of the fish the hobbyist may encounter at a convention, club meeting or auction.

         Pictures and videos of a variety livebearers including wild Swordtails and Goodeids are
         throughout the talk with some discussion of care needs and information needed to care for
         these fish.



                        Having Success With Livebearers
                      Specifics of Livebearer Husbandry


         Beginning with text photos and satellite images of the wild habitats these fish come from, the talk looks
         carefully at every aspect of caring for these fish to achieve their best health, growth and maximum

         With many photos and short videos, it is discussed why many that have kept some types of fish for many
         years successfully have trouble with livebearers. Tank set up, Filtration, Plants, Foods, breeding and the
         3 periods of acclimation the fish go through are discussed. As well, differences between species are
         covered, including comparisons of temperature and food requirements.

         From information provided at this website, customers have sent beautiful pictures of their tanks to show
         how these guidelines result in very attractive tanks, and some are included. As well, the most common
         diseases, treatments and medications to have on hand are also discussed.





                           Selective Breeding


         Often given in conjunction with the Livebearers talk, this presentation covers the types of selective breeding seen
         in the hobby. Following the examples of 6 species at Select Aquatics, brief photo histories document the
         creation of morphs and color patterns in species that had not been previously worked with, occasionally creating
         fish that had never been seen before. A brief explanation of the Punnet square and basic livebearer breeding
         practices used routinely in the fish room are discussed.        

         Special attention is paid to the number of tanks required to accomplish goals, and the need to maintain focus,
         prioritizing the traits you are breeding for, etc.




                        The Rules and Reality of
                       Starting a Fish Business
                            From Your Home


         Deciding to sell fish from your home fishroom in this time of Aquabid and the internet is tempting to many
         aquarists. Of those who do it, some are great to buy from, and some are not. How do you become someone
         people will want to buy from? Learn how to:

         Draw up a business plan that is realistic and will work.

        Types of ways fish can be sold.

        Whether licensing is necessary.

        How to obtain retail/ wholesale licensing, tax ID, etc.

        Computer skills and software programs you will need to become familiar with, and
        protecting yourself from being hacked or compromised.

        Using Paypal, Aquabid, Craig's List, EBay, a Website Host, etc.

        Setting up a website- how to do it, Search Engine Optimization, marketing

        The buying and selling process, keeping your books straight.

        Dealing with customers, business practice and how to handle mistakes.

        Shipping, how to ship, where to ship, where not to ship, and what is really legal.




                           Tricks and Fixes

                              in the



      A big part of the fish hobby is finding creative solutions to solve simple problems with a little
      ingenuity, problems that never go away, but evolve the longer you are in the hobby.

     From special breeders and tank dividers to 2 gallon plant pot brine shrimp hatchers, automatic
     water change system and sump filters, all the tools and supplies needed to stock a resourceful
     fishroom are covered. The construction of each is discussed, and you will see how creative
     approaches and novel solutions are essential to this fishroom.

                        Keeping and Breeding the Longfin

                                   Green Dragon

                            Ancistrus Plecostomus


     This talk covers the Selective Breeding and development of the Longfin Green Dragon Plecostomus,
     a fish that has was first developed in this fishroom, bred and sold since 2012. The line is still
     very much in development, and increases substantially with each generation.

     The basic care and breeding of this fish, which is not a "common bristlenose", is discussed and
     how they are maintained here to continue their development. A new line that I have been working
     on for about 5 years is revealed, though it will not be breeding consistently to be sold for at
     least 3-4 more years.

     This has proven to be the most popular fish at Select Aquatics, and would be happy to share what
     I have learned about this very interesting fish!



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