Microsorum pteropus - Java Fern      Back to Care of Each Species Page

    Common Name- Java fern

    Water Conditions- Approx. 70 - 80 degrees, Some water movement, good water quality.
    Known for being very salt tolerant.

    pH-  5.0 - 8.0   Will tolerate mildly brackish conditions.

    Light- Will survive in lower light conditions, but does best with moderate light.

    Size- Root systems will grow new plants, will get to about 12 inches high.

    Cultivation- Roots must be exposed. Will anchor to stone, brick or porous surface.

     Generally known as a particularly hardy, low light plant that will tolerate some salt, it's roots
     will anchor in any stone, brick or rough surface. A variety of species are in the hobby, and the
     variety grown here is the standard hobby form originally from the Phillipines. With adequate light,
     fertilizer and good consistent water quality this plant will grow well. Clumps can become quite large,
     and in a centerpiece form it can easily grow to be a foot across. At its largest, it will get to about
     a foot tall.

     Another advantage is though some fish will eat the leaves of this plant, most find the leaves either
     too tough or poor tasting to bother with. Some of the goodeids will eat plants, for example, but rarely
     is the java fern leaves ever bothered.

     For maximum cultivation, the plant produces shoots from its leaves as it ages. Grown here as free
     floating clumps in most tanks, the new shoots can be easily seen and removed, to be grown out in a
     separate tank used for growing new plants- where the light is brighter, all plants are exposed to
     the light, etc.

     All of the tanks here are also treated with Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant fertilizer, assuring
     maximum growth.

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