Plecostomus Longfin Green Dragon Videos

These are young adult breeders feeding on their favorite food- French cut Green Beans
straight from the can. This group spans about 12-16 months old- their finnage and
overall size will continue to develop as they mature, their body length growing out to
 about 6 inches. There are 8 adult or near adult fish, and a few much younger fish in this tank.


These plecos are about 2.5 months old and just under an inch long.
They are in constant motion, eat constantly, and grow fairly
quickly on canned beans and an added higher protein dry food.



This is a young 5th generation male that shows well how the finnage is developing on these
longfin Green Dragons. This will be a future breeder - the tail finnage reminds me of the tail
finnage on a very large betta! His color isn't as saturated as I would like, and his pectorals
should be more fully filled out, both that will improve with continued selective breeding.
This is the male grow out tank, and sexed males being prepped as breeders, and when sold
come from this tank.



The green color isn't seen well in this video,  this is another 5th generation male, and
gives you an idea of the finnage and size they get as full sized adults. This male is
about 6 inches long and is one of the breeders here.


                                    The Green Dragon plecos, when well fed with consistent water changes, will reach 5-7 inches.
                                    These will feed on algea all of their lives, but will not survive without a vegetable supplement such
                                    as blanched zucchini or canned green beans added to a normal or higher protein pellet or flake
                                    food. They also appreciate cut up red worms and frozen foods. They are also excellent community fish
                                    and generally get along well with one another. With more than one adult pair in the tank, males can
                                    be territorial, like all plecos, but there has never been injuries or fin damage. However, some
                                    tankmaes, such as Cichlids, could nip and damage the long flowing fins.




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