Neocaridina sp. Algea-eating Shrimp Video

These were first kept here about 15 years ago, and were originally the "Blue" version of the grass shrimps
now sold in red, black and many other colors. The tanks stay clean of excess food and algea, and they are
fairly prolific. Very peaceful, they do not bother the fish, and most smaller fish do not bother them, as can
be seen in the video of them in a mixed species tank. This line is still a slate blue, and deep blue individuals are common. They do not eat fry, but may eat fish eggs. Just click on pic to view.



These small shrimps go about their business eating algea and leftover food,
not bothering the fish or their fry, and the fish don't seem to notice them.

They require a fine leaved plant to hide and live in (Java moss is perfect for them).
Some fish will eat their small young, but most don't bother.

Some fish, however, such as many Cichlids, will eat them. When obtained, it is best
to let an egg-laden female drop her fry in a separate 1-2 gallon container with some
Java moss. Remove the female when the batch of young are no longer visible under
her tail, then raise the young for a week or two on crushed dry food to give them a 
head start toward establishing themselves, before releasing them into the aquarium.





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