Limia islai "Tiger", Lake Miragoane Videos


These are a very attractive fish, and the number of bars ranges from 4 to 8 or 9,
differing between individuals. It is still unidentified, but is closely related to the
Limia nigrofasciata, also found in Lake Miragoane, Haiti. Click on pics to view.



Though this is a darker video due to the tank’s location, you can see how the young like
to hide in the plants and be near some security. As adults they generally swim out in the




Another shot of the group in different light. This is a hardy, well behaved and
uncommon fish that does well in community aquariums where they won’t be bothered
by aggressive tankmates.



    Select Aquatics Presents - The Tiger Limia
                and Fry Water Quality

   In this video the tangled history of the Tiger Limia is addressed, including pics of its odd and
   controversial discoverer. Then, Maintining Fry Water Quality when using breeders is discussed -
   the   place where many fry are lost as well as saved!


A close relative of Limia nigrofasciata, they have similar water quality needs.
Tigers are very docile without the sparring between males that will sometimes
occur with the nigrofasciata.

They breed easily, but the young do need to be raised separately as they are
fairly small- they don't fare well on their own and can be eaten. 10-20 young are
born about monthly.

This species is originally from Lake Miragoane, Haiti, and is new to the hobby
as a newly discovered species. They are being kept by relatively few and are still
formally unidentified.





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