Ilyodon furcidens Videos


It is easy to see why this fish belongs to a group called the “Trout goodeids”.
This line is becoming more colorful with each generation and really something
to watch. Click on pics to view



A slightly darker video, this shows the fine mottled markings and great look of this
fish. The females are also have spotting/striping markings on the fins, but generally
possess less of the the finer black spotting on their sides.



This goodeid is one of the largest while possessing markings similar to one of
the U.S natives. They can grow 4 to 5 inches, but most don't exceed 3 inches in
the aquarium.

A fairly active fish, they require consistent, effective filtration that provides
oxygenation of the water.

They breed easily, producing 5-15 very large fry that will do best when raised
separately. The young are hardy and are truly a sight for Cichlid or Rainbow
breeders used to tiny egg layer fry!





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