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    Common Name- The African fern

    Water Conditions- Approx. 70 - 80 degrees, Some water movement, good water quality.

    pH- 5.0 - 7.8, water here is 7.4.

    Light- Will survive in lower light conditions, but moderate or brighter light is best.

    Size- Root systems will grow new plants, will get to about 18 inches high.

    Cultivation- Roots must be exposed and never planted. Will anchor to stone, brick or porous surface.

     First obtained as a stray sprig in a batch of crypts from Bill Allen in 1996, it has been very hardy
     and prolific. This plant possesses a dark green color and is fairly dense in appearance, but water is
     able to easily flow through it. in fact, bolbitis fern must be provided with some water movement for
     it to do well. Any bubbling aeration or flowing water as would be provided by a powerhead is fine.

     This plant does not do well when left in the open air. Though its fronds are tough and fairly rigid in
     the aquarium, with woody, solid stems, it will wither when removed from water for an extended period.
     This may account for its not being seen often in pet stores, as it cannot be cultivated in greenhouses
     hydroponically, as many aquatic plants are raised.

     Some have found this plant to be difficult to grow. In most instances this is because the water
     quality was poor, or there was little or no water movement in the tank. Otherwise it grows very well,
     and serves as a perfect hiding enclosure for smaller fish and catfish.

     The largest I ever let one grow filled all but the top 2 inches or so in a 55 gallon tall aquarium-
     4 feet across, a foot deep. And it had no dead areas, and was eventually broken up and
     sold a few years ago.
     All of the tanks here are also treated with Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant fertilizer, assuring
     maximum growth.

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