Limia nigrofasciata, Lake Miragoane Videos

Also called the “Humpback Limia” because the males develop a very high back as they age,
it is one of the more interesting fish that can be kept in the aquarium. This line was obtained
in 2014, and  is a line that has been doing well in the aquarium hobby for over 20 years. 
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This fish figured prominently in setting up the minimum maintenance and tank set up
practices used here. Only offered inconsistently, we have since obtained a new line that
is not as sensitive to water quality fluctuations as the line sold here previously. However,
this species still needs a relatively clean tank with minimal substrate that can hold
deteriorating organic matter. At the same time, they do require some substrate to support
a strong presence of nitrifying bacteria. They have not done well here in straight bare
bottom tanks. Lastly, feedings of frozen brine shrimp, in particular keep them doing well. 



This is a highly sought after fish that is not often seen. The males become very
husky and nearly circular in shape, the dominant males develop intense black
markings on their tall, sail-like dorsals.

The secret to this fish is keeping it in consistent water conditions of fairly clean quality.
They are not big fry eaters but the young definitely do better when raised separately.
The adults are quick, active, peaceful fish, and ideal in a community environment.

The also do best when fed frozen shrimp if possible!





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