Characodon lateralis, Puente Pino Suarez-

    Common Name- The Rainbow Goodeid
    Water Conditions- Not critical, effective filtration and regular water changes. Temp 70-75 degrees. Provide plants for security.
    Behavior- A generally peaceful goodeid, very behaved with one another.
    Breeding- 5-10 young every 2 months
    Size- A smaller goodeid, about 2- 2.5 inches.

    Only kept here since the fall of 2014, a small group of young unsexed fish have produced a number of fry
    that are growing out. At first kept in the same conditions as the Los berros lateralis, they did well, but
    differences in their care became evident over time. Water movement is important with this fish. Though the
    Los berros lateralis do well in more sedate tanks, this population hasn't done as well here when kept in the
    same conditions. It may be tied to a preference for higher oxygenation, I do not know. As a result, I recommend
    some moderate aeration in combination with regular water changes. Like any fish, they really respond to live
    and frozen foods, and were fed live daphnia, BBS and frozen brine shrimp depending on availability in
    combination with the dry foods fed here.

    Like the Los berros, they must be kept below 74 degrees. They will likely survive at 1-3 degrees warmer, but
    you will likely see a reduction in breeding and shortened lifespans.

    Being that these are so rare, I cannot say at this point which species they can be kept with, as they are kept in
    species only tanks here. Though large, their fry would still be eaten by most other fish.

    These are a striking fish, and when I first received them, I had heard they were a solid orange. they are not.
    However, occasional males will have a fair amount of orange across their body, and will appear nearly entirely
    orange when the light is right. This line has not been selectively bred or manipulated in any way.

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