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                 Characodon lateralis, Red Morph     


    Common Name- The Rainbow Goodeid

   Water Conditions- Not critical, but They Require Effective
   Filtration and Regular Water Changes. Temp 67-76 degrees.
   Provide Plants for security. Must stay in cooler temps.

   Behavior- A Generally Peaceful Goodeid

   Breeding- 5-10 Young Every 2 Months

   Size- A smaller Goodeid, about 2- 2.5 inches.


   Price- $12.50 each, $25 pair.


    This is the "Holy Grail" fish for many that wish to keep Goodeids. Critically endangered
    in the wild, this species is certainly the most beautiful of the goodeids, this population
    originally from the Los Berros location. Though not particularly difficult to keep, they
    can often be found for $50 a pair and up, particular when the red color is as
    pronounced as it is in this line. I have had this line for about 4 years, and have been
    selectively breeding for the intense red color throughout the body. Older males
    can become entirely a deep fire-engine red with intense black outlining on the tail.

    I have found that they are one goodeid that will do well in smaller tanks, though do
    best in tanks of 20-40 gallons with some plant cover to hide in and regular water
    changes. They generally do not eat their fry, but I strongly recommend making the
    effort to raise the young separately. Their being not particularly prolific may also
    contribute to their rarity. It has been difficult to keep them in stock, and we are
    providing more tank space to increase both the number of breeding pairs and a
    larger collection of individuals to continue developing the line.

    This species will thrive well on dry food, but is responsive to the addition of live food
    into their diet for best color and reproductive consistency. For more information
    on their care click HERE.


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       One of the breeder groups here.
      As you can see, the red color
      intensifies and progressively
      covers the body of the
      males as they mature.





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