Characodon audax / lateralis, Red Morph Videos

These are the older breeders, and they seem to do well with one male to about 3-4 females.
This video shows 3 males jockeying for one of the females. They are in a 29 gallon.
The group breeds relatively slowly, but their numbers are slowly coming back up to be sold again.
(March 2013)



This is a new group of young fish coloring up.




A small adult community. You can see they get along well with one another.


Certainly the goodeid where the males possess the most striking color, they can be
difficult to find, particularly if you are looking for males that are red throughout the
body, as opposed to a red blush across just the caudal peduncle. This line also has
jet black edging along the fins. This is a very pretty fish with elegant, delicate
markings. These young males will continue to become darker red as they age.

They are very hardy and do prefer some hardness to their water to be at their best.
The young are fairly large and robust when born, but they rarely have more than 10
young at a time after a 60 day gestation period.




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