Poecilia velifera, Yucatan Peninsula Videos

Well deserved to be called the King of Mollies, they should reach about 5.5 inches. These are 
in a 55 gallon tank with a thin layer of crushed coral on the bottom to keep the pH at about 8.0.
These guys are almost always hungry, and best fed in smaller amounts of a primarily vegetable
based diet throughout the day, rather than receiving a single large feeding once a day.


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True Yucatan peninsula velifera are not often available, and most do not get the opportunity to keep
and breed this magnificent fish. Though some accommodations may need to be made to keep them
(A larger tank, possibly some crushed coral to raise the pH, frequent, generous water changes, and
a decision to feed more than once per day), any sacrifice or expense is worth it. With good water
quality and food, the males will develop the large dorsal in the home aquarium- the male in this
video was raised in a 40 gallon breeder tank! He is now in a 55 gallon.


This video is of three times when the dominant, and oldest male was caught displaying. 
There are other males in the tank, including one just growing out that is going to be at least 
30% larger than this male, but for right now it is his tank, and everyone else stays out of his
way. This is a 100 gallon tank with about 20 fish in it, and you can see how long they take to
sex out by the size of the immature males in this group!


    Select Aquatics Presents: P. velifera
          and Initial Tank Setup

    This video looks at the care and maintenance of the true, wild Yucatan Peninsula Sailfin Molly,
    and how they are bred and raised at Select Aquatics.
    Questions include International Shipping,  livebearer "shimmying' and best initial tank
    setups so that these wild livebearers will do well for you in your tank.


Not the standard, community-aquarium, pet shop molly, large males will exceed 5 inches, and
they require a few aspects to their filtration and feeding that must be followed. The result is one
of the most spectacular freshwater fish that can be kept in a home aquarium!

For in-depth information on how to keep his fish, see the article on keeping the
P. velifera HERE.



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