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    Select Aquatics breeds affordable,
    quality, specialty tropical fish for
    hobbyists and conservation
    research. Most are not often
    seen and many are endangered  
    or extinct in the wild. This site 
    is also a one stop place for 
    fishkeeping information on
    how best to keep these

    If you are keeping an aquarium,
    you have the opportunity to help
    preserve species that are about to
    go extinct in the wild. As well, due
    to increased export restrictions,
    many species are at risk of
    disappearing from the hobby.
    The fish offered here are hardy,
    generally not difficult to care
    for, and may depend on
    hobbyists such as yourself to
    maintain their availability. 

                Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.

        Select Aquatics maintains a
        fairly consistent collection
        of 30 species/lines that
        are bred here and posted as
        available. If you wish to buy
        anything on this page, or wish 
        to see a new species offered, 
        please contact Greg Sage at .


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                  We breed and sell  only the most attractive,
                                    robust lines available!

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- Check out the new essay
        on keeping, breeding and
        achieving success with the
        Sailfin Molly, P. velifera, and
     the King of Swordtails,
         the Xiph. montezumae!
      -         See the latest
               Select Aquatics
             Box Reveal Video
           by Aquarium Co-Op!!

       Z. tequila              Puntius padamya        Ilyodon furcidens         Green Dragon pleco
                                         "Odessa Barbs"

                                       (Text will link to videos and Species Pages)


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      "Select Aquatics strives to provide
      Friendly, Prompt, and Professional
      service for every customer. We
      ship Affordable, Top Quality Fish,
      with the Care and Personal
      Assistance to ensure a positive
      online fish buying experience ."




     Ordering new species you've never
     kept from someone you don't know
     with water different than yours can
     be scary. Some assurance that in
     6 months the fish will still be doing
     well would be ideal, particularly since
     many of these fish are rare or hard
     to obtain.

     From your first email to inquire about
     ordering until the moment they arrive,
     we will keep in close touch to answer
     any questions you may have so that
     you know exactly what you are getting,
     and precisely when they will be sent.
     Care information for each species is
     also provided Here.

     Postage is never overcharged, and
     extras are nearly always sent with
     carefully done, professional shipping.
     To help ensure they do well for you, a
     Care Guide is provided for each species
     from the link above. Be sure to check
     the updated comments at "What Do
     Customers Think of Select Aquatics"
     at the link just above!




   Zoogoneticus tequila
   P. padamya "Odessa"
Ilyodon furcidens
Ancistrus Green Dragon
   Longfin normal color
   Short fin normal color
   Yes - $35
Yes - $35
Yes- $35

  2 in.
NO -$15 .ea
  2 in.
Yes -$10 .ea.    
  Yes- $17 pr.
Yes- $15 pr.
Yes- $17 pr.
   No - $50 pr.
   No-  $25 pr.

      -        See the new
         Guides for what can go
     wrong with your aquarium!!

      -    A prolific, hardy, room
          temperature species of
                   White Worm!
                 For Sale Here!!



      "A Slightly Different Approach
            for Buying Swordtails"




            In Depth Essays
             and Information
           For Free Download

   A cleaner Approach
   A modern Approach
   A Practical Understanding
   Aquarium Maintenance
   Aquarium Setting Up
   Aquarium Stands, Making
   Automatic Water Change System
   Beginning Fishkeeping Overview
   Breeding Livebearers
   Fish Adjustment
   Fishkeeping Tips
   Fishroom, Setting Up
   Harvesting Livebearer Fry
   Keeping Alfaro cultratus
   Keeping Green Dragons
   Keeping Odessa Barbs
   Keeping Poecilia velifera
   Keeping Xiph. montezumae
   Live Foods
   New to These Fish?
   Repairing an Aquarium
   Selective Breeding
   Setting up a Fishroom
   Troubleshooting / Fixit Guide
   Plus Many more here!


     Xenotoca doadrioi           "Tiger" Limia            Xiphohorus mayae      Ameca splendens
         San Marcos      Lake Miragoane, Haiti     Rio Bellaire Honduras     Rio Teuchitlan


        Species                              Six 2-4 mo. fry        Young PAIRS 
  Xenotoca doadrioi San Marcos
Limia "Tiger
Xiphophorus mayae
Ameca splendens
       Yes - $35
Yes - $35
Yes - $35
Yes - $35
       Yes - $17
Yes - $17
No - $17
Yes - $17
   Alfaro cultratus         Xiphophorus alvarezi     Xiphophorus helleri       Pleco Green Dragon
                                                                              Rio Otapa                  Albino Longfin
      Species                              Six 2-4 mo. fry       Young PAIRS
  Alfaro cultratus
Xiphophorus alvarezi
Xiph. helleri Rio Otapa
  Albino Longfin Grn Dragon
  Albino Shortfin Grn Dragon

     Yes - $35
     No - $35
Yes - $35
Yes- 2 in. - $12 ea.
Yes - 2 in.- $8 ea.
  Yes- $17 pr.
  No - $17 pr.
  No - $17 pr.
   Xenotoca lyonsi          Synodontis lucipinnis     Characodon lateralis    Xiphophorus birchmanni
       Rio Tamazula                                              Puente Pino Suarez
      Species                              SIX 2-4 Mo. Fry      Young PaiRS              
     Xenotoca lyonsi
     Rio Tamazula              
     Characodon lateralis Red
     - Puente Pino Suarez
    Xiphophorus birchmanni



     Yes - $35


     No - $40


     Yes - $17 pr.
     No - $25 pr.
     No - $25 pr.
     No - $20 pr.

         Current Colorado Dept. of
            Agriculture Inspection of
            Select Aquatics available


     Limia nigrofasciata     Xiph montezumae      Poecilia velifera          Skiffia multipunctata
                                                                             Yucatan                       La Isle Zamora
        Species                              SIX 2-4 Mo. Fry      Young PaiRS
     Limia nigrofasciata
     Xiphophorus montezumae
     Poecilia velifera
     Skiffia multipunctata
     Synodontis lucipinnis
     Yes - $35
No  - $50
Yes - $40
     No - $40
Yes- -$12
    (One Inch)
     No - $17
     No - $20
     No -$20


        to purchase any of these fish.
           Extras are sent with every
               carefully packed box.

         Payment by Paypal, check
                  or money order.
                  Paypal account:
         Please drop us an email if
         you have any questions or
         concerns about anything at
          the site - simply email and
             we will get right back
                to you. Thank you!


        About Select Aquatics   

        The Goodeids

        The Swordtails

        Breeding These Fish

        Keeping Plants

        Books and References

        Keeping These Fish

        Receiving Shipped Fish

        Frequently Asked Questions  

        Speaking and Appearances

        Care Guides for all Species

   How are the Rarest Species doing?          

                  What does "Being Worked On" Mean?"
Here for specific info on each of these fish.

           Fish that are currently not available will be
            posted for sale as their numbers improve.


        Look For Select Aquatics on








       If your organization would like
       an in-depth, informative and
       entertaining presentation on
       Livebearers, Selective Breeding
       or other topics, Greg Sage is
       available to come out and speak
       to your club.

       Click HERE for current
       talks and more information

       Please contact us at
       for available dates.



     The Tools we use here to
       Best Keep These Fish -
         Available For Sale!


                           Spring / Summer 2017

   - The fall of 2016 was a busy one, and we have been
      carefully focusing on the grow out tanks of the
      Xiph. montezumae, as we contact wait list customers.

   - Check out the new article on Keeping and breeding the
     Xiphophorus montezumae. there is a reason it is not more
     frequently seen - it is not just another swordtail!

   - I have been slowly achieving success breeding and raising
     the fry of the Synodontis lucipinnis, a smaller (3-4 inch),
     a very attractive, active, peaceful catfish with dark black
     dots over a cream/tan background, with bright white outlines
     on its fins.  More info and a page on them is now posted
     and can be seen at Synodontis lucipinnis.

     I have also been receiving emails that the room temperature
     white worms may be a species of grindal worm. As explained,
     they were a contaminant in a feed used here, and did not come
     from the aquarium hobby. I am currently working on a video
     on keeping them to be posted shortly. Either way, they are a
     hardy, prolific and easy to keep live food!

    - Here are some of the other additions, updates and
       changes in this most recent website update:

    - An entirely new 4 part troubleshooting section called
       "The Fixit Guide" for most anything that
       can go wrong with your Tank or the Fish!
    - All new Limia nigrofasciata pages, pics and videos
    - New article on raising and breeding the
       Xiphophorus montezumae
    - All new Synodontis lucipinnis pages, pics and videos
    - All new X. birchmanni pages, pics and videos
    - All new Customer Comments Page 
    - New Select Aquatics Internet ad at "About Select
      Aquatics Fish"
    - Updates made to pages Xenotoca eiseni
       San Marcos, Xenotocae eiseni Rio Tamazula,
       Receiving and Shipping, Availability Page, Articles,
       Keeping Select Aquatics Fish and others
    - The X. alvarezi Gold and Jenynsia lineata
       pages were removed until they are again
       available for sale.
    - We have sold out of the pleco caves, and are working
       with a new pottery shop to bring the cost of these custom
       caves down, and will post when they are ready again!
    - Due to shipping issues, I have pulled the box Filters
       from sale. If you wish to obtain them, simply email me
       and I will let you know where they can be found for
       about the same price. ($8 each)

   - Due to the number of calls, and there is just me here most
      of the time, and I need to summarize any conversation
      and send an email to put any orders into writing
      anyway, I can no longer take phonecalls. Simply
      email me, and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

      Thank you! 


        Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics


                An open letter
      to Serious Hobbyists, Universities,
           Fish Sellers and Breeders. 



             Room Temperature
                 White Worms!

      Great Year Around Live Food
          Culture + Starter Food
         $10 + Priority Shipping.
          See More Info HERE.


         Gen II Pleco Caves
        Just $15 + Shipping!

   With many improvements over the
    first pleco cave, this is the cave
    to have if you are serious about
    breeding the Green Dragons!
             See more HERE


    Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant

        Mixed here from quality
       Hydroponics ingredients,
      adapted for aquarium use
        with the manufacturers.
        One container will treat
      44,000 gallons! Dose 1-2x
     monthly. Perfectly harmless
        to fish and inverts, with
        dramatic plant growth.
       $20 includes shipping
            for 1 container.


        Levamisole hydrochloride

         This is the best treatment
           available for parasites,
         worms, and "Livebearer
       Disease" See more HERE.

          Effective and immediate.
          1/4 teaspoon treats 100
           20 gram packet- $35
           52 gram packet- $60
         Prices include shipping.


                       Click Here to See Rest of Comments-

       Hey, my friend, I have to say "Wow!" From the description
       on your site site compared to what comes in, the fish are

       ...Select Aquatics is a FIRST RATE Online Retailer and
       the most HONEST retailer I have dealt with in at least   
       10 years...

       Andy C.  


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