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     Alfaro cultratus, The "Knife Livebearer"

    This surface feeding, attractive, schooling fish from Central America is a peaceful,
     hardy fish that reproduces well, and has been here since 2002. Once commonly kept,
     they are not endangered in the wild, but have nearly disappeared from the hobby.
     They will take regular dry foods, but appreciate fruit flies and bug bites that can be
     taken from the surface. Reaching a maximum length of 3 inches, the males are slightly
     smaller, and they are an excellent community fish.

     Two large groups of adults have produced 150+ fry that are ready to ship.

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     Ameca splendens, Rio Teuchitlan, "The Butterfly Goodeid"


     Possibly the best known Goodeid, this especially attractive population reproduces consistently,
     and they are one species that does not bother their young. This population has been here since 2002.
     Very hardy when provided with clean, consistent conditions, they are well behaved with one another,
     but are best kept in species only tanks. They have sold well this fall, and limited groups of
     2-4 Month Old Unsexed are available.

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      Ataeniobious. toweri, Anteojitas, San Marcos


     Known as the Blue Tailed Goodeid, this population is rarely seen in the hobby, and was collected by
     John Mangan in 1999, and they have been here for approximately six years. After a couple generations
     to establish themselves in my water qualities, they have taken off in the last two years, and there are
     currently about 50 pairs, and 100+ 2-4 Month Old Unsexed available of this powder blue, attractive
     Goodeid. Well behaved and nonaggressive, they will do well as a community fish, but because
     of their rarity are best kept by themselves, to ensure that their numbers continue to build.

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     Ilyodon furcidens "The Trout Goodeid"

     Selectively bred at selectaquatics since roughly 2004, this spectacularly beautiful fish is being built 
     out following recent sorting so that top-quality fish are more consistently available. Large
     breeding groups are beginning to produce fry, and there are roughly 100+ young being
     being grown out that will continue to be sorted for quality, and bred so their young can be shipped. Not fully
     stable yet in numbers, but their Availability Video will be posted as soon young are ready to be shipped,
     hopefully into this spring.

     The sorting of the furcidens was shown in the Youtube video "Select Aquatics Questions - Water Testing,
     BBS Hatching and Sorting Ilyodon furcidens."



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     Limia perugia, Boca de Cachon


     The population maintained here was until recently the last of this population in existence, due to
     the destruction of its natural habitat. Over the last two years, numerous fish have been shipped to
     hobbyists around the country, and they are beginning to be kept more frequently. Many were
     shipped this fall from orders placed in early summer, and they will now be allowed to build out
     their numbers during their breeding season next spring..


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     Limia Islai "Tiger" Lake Miragoane


     From the original collection population from Dominic Isla, these have been at this fishroom since
     2000, and these are a peaceful, attractive and hardy Limia. They reproduce well and are an excellent
     community fish. Well-established to the water conditions here, their reproduction has always been
     consistent, and they have always been generally available. They have sold well this fall, and have not
     been as seasonal in their breeding, with new young produced, and will be available again soon.


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   Neocaridina Shrimp

     Populated through the majority of the tanks here, they were originally a blue variety that has been allowed
     to return to their wild coloration over the 17 years they have been here. Very hardy and prolific, they do an
     excellent job controlling algae and cleaning up excess food. With species that do not bother them, they do
     very well, and controlling their numbers is possibly the only issue. However, they must be shipped overnight,
     and do not fare well when shipped over numerous days. Recent shipping restrictions has made the shipping
     of just the shrimp too expensive, but a group of 20+ can generally be combined with an order of fish to get
     them out to you.


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     Pethia padamya  "Odessa"

     Selectively bred here since 2010, this especially colorful line has been discontinued in the
     commercial hobby, and I have been developing them to build out their color, contrast and consistency.
     Sold in groups of 2-4 Month Old Unsexed, they will color out fully by eight months. Not a difficult
     egglayer to breed, I have posted YouTube videos on reproducing them, and I encourage anyone that
     obtains them to breed them so this specially developed line does not disappear from the hobby.
     They have sold very well this fall, and were briefly unavailable until recent orders were filled. Roughly
     100 are still available and can be sold in groups of Nine 2-4 Month Old Unsexed, plus 1 extra.

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     Plecostomus Longfin Green Dragons

     After an initial wave of fry produced in late fall was heavy for albinos, short fins and fish of poor color that
     I was not happy with, a second wave of fry were produced toward the end of their breeding season in late
     January, and they are being grown out currently in preparation for sorting for long versus short thin, and an
     evaluation of their color. This year's release has been delayed for this reason, and I am working to
     produce consistent individuals that can be offered for sale once they hit 1.5 - 2.5 inches. When shipping
     can resume due to temperatures, and they are ready to be shipped, an Availability Video for them will be
     posted, and sales will be first come first serve. With a subscription to the Select Aquatics Youtube Channel,
     you will receive a notification when the Availability Videos for each each of the species here is posted.
     With an email to when the video is posted, and please include your zip code,
     I will send back a quote to ship these out to you. As well, the availability of each species will be kept up
     up to date on the homepage as a species sells out.


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     Xenotoca doadrioi, San Marcos

     Possibly, along with the Odessa barbs, these are the most spectacularly colored fish here.
     They are strong seasonal breeders, and though there are numerous breeding groups going
     of them, and their numbers to build them out are good, they are being fed heavily and provided
     with consistent conditions, waiting for the production of fry that occurs roughly once
     a year. A fish that I have been focusing on, they have benefitted from being given extra
     tanks, and I anticipate that similar to past years, reproduction will be such that they should
     be in good supply to be sold as young sexed pairs, and groups of six 2-4 Month Old Unsexed.
     I am not sure when that will be, and am expecting their reproduction to kick in as fall begins.
     There are a couple hundred here to get them going, and their Availability Video will be posted
     as soon as they are ready to be shipped.


     Species Page                       Care Information Page


     Xiphophorus montezumae Rio Tamasopo

     Over 1000 have been shipped out to the hobby over the past 10 years, and though detailed
     care information has been maintained at this website, they were recently reobtained following
     information that they have become difficult to find. Often referred to as the "King of Swordtails",
     they will do well with consistent, quality care, and are one of the more challenging species to keep
     offered by Select Aquatics. Not difficult to keep when a few minimums are provided, feedback from
     customers on their care has been put together and offered below.

     Approximately 100 young are growing out to be bred, and groups of six 2-4 Month Old Unsexed
     will be offered as soon as they are ready to be shipped. Best-kept in species only tanks due
     to their rarity and care considerations, this spectacular fish is in danger of disappearing from
     the hobby if others do not keep them appropriately, and breed them out to be shared with others.
     This is an incredibly special fish, and is no longer collected in the wild to replenish their numbers
     in the hobby.

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     Zoogoneticus tequila "The Crescent Goodeid"

      Possibly the "Poster Child" for extinct-in-the-wild fish, these have recently been reintroduced to
     the Rio Teuchitlan after a fifth reintroduction effort, and early reports are that they are doing well.
     A very attractive and peaceful goodeid, they were extremely difficult to obtain for many years,
     and have been reestablishing themselves in the hobby. A fish of special focus here, numerous
     breeding tanks of groups of 30+ fish have been gradually producing fry over their recent breeding
     season, and I am looking forward to offering them in groups of two young sexed pairs, and will
     post their Availability Video as soon as their numbers are appropriate to start shipping. Based
     on their recent reproduction, these may be the first species to be made available soon.


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             The New Species Resource for Species

             No Longer Carried by Select Aquatics


     Here is how this works:


     A section of the Homepage will List contacts for anyone Breeding and Shipping Species once  
          carried by Select Aquatics, or that fit the Select Aquatics mission to preserve species that
          are disappearing from the hobby.


          Sample species include:


          Any Platy Strain, esp. HiFins
          Belonosox belizanus
          Characodon lateralis
          Characodon audax
          Characodon audax "Red"
          Giardinus metallicus
          Heterandria formosa
          Limia nigrofasciata
          Neoheterandria elegans
          Plecostomus Longfin Green Dragon
          Poecilia latipinna
          Poecilia velifera
          Poecilia Wingeii "Endlers' Pure Strains
          Priapella intermedia
          Skiffia francescae
          Skiffia multipunctata
          Xenotoca lyonsi
          Xiphophorus alvarezi
          Xiphophorus birchmanni
          Xiphophorus clemenciae
          Xiphophorus mayae
          and many others


          Here are the Rules:


          If you are breeding and willing to ship one or more species, I will post your contact
          information as having that species available to be shipped. This is for live fish only.
          an email address and/or website URL will be listed for each seller.


         - This will be free at this time, and offered as a service to the Hobby.

          - Select Aquatics will not facilitate payments or mediate disputes. 

          - Contacts will be listed as long as you are shipping. Two complaints within 6 months
            will cause your contact to be taken down until the problems are resolved.

          - The need for a business license and taxes paid will be your responsibility.

          - All customer contacts, payments, correspondence and issues will be your responsibility.

          - Whether a contact is listed, how long is is listed, the species sold and your continued listing
            will continue only through the ongoing approval of Greg Sage.

          - Select Aquatics prides itself on fully professional treatment of customers, the fish shipped, and
            takes full responsibility for the safe arrival of healthy, top quality stock. Emails are generally
            responded to within 24 hours, and problems are rare. If you do not meet those standards, 
            your contact information may be discontinued on little notice. As well, customers using these
            contacts can be assured of prompt, courteous, professional service. Serious complaints
            affecting a contact's continued listing can be emailed to
            but Greg Sage and Select Aquatics will NOT become involved in disputes of any type.

        - If you would like your email or website contact to be included in this, email Greg Sage  at
 with the species you have available to ship. I will offer 
          assistance with regard to shipping information, common problems and friendly guidance.

       - Be aware that receives a lot of traffic, and you will want your stock to be in
         fair supply, your payment process to be established, and shipping supplies and process ready before
         your contact information is posted.

       - I will look forward to hearing from you! 

        Greg Sage






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