Select Aquatics YouTube Video Collection

                         Offered for Aquarium Clubs or Private Use



             After many requests to provide copies of specific YouTube videos to hobbyists and clubs, I am offering a full set of
            all of the videos ever produced by Select Aquatics for YouTube, including:

           All 50 in depth Topic videos ever posted to YouTube on Aquarium Care, Breeding, Problems, Fishroom 
           Infrastructure and specific care for each of the rare species ever maintained at Select Aquatics.

           Also included are carefully selected videos and photos, with Care Guides on each of the 47 species and  
          varieties ever sold by Select Aquatics, nearly 130 videos in all!

          An introduction video made for this collection is included that discusses the maintenance of these specialty fish, 
          describing practices refined through careful observation of the fish, and care focused above all else on their health   
          and breeding. Advice on selling these fish, after 14 years of running Select Aquatics is also provided, and it is titled:
           "Introduction - Fishkeeping Secrets NOT Covered in these Videos."

          The entire set, included on a 64 gig flash drive, including USPS 3-5 Day Priority Shipping, is $125. Simply email me
          at to order!

         The practices carefully described in these videos created the consistent, successful breeding of various Plecos, Barbs
         Synodontis Catfish, and a wide variety of wild and specialty livebearers.

          With an emphasis on the clean and organized maintenance required by many of these fish, there is also much information  
          provided on the keeping of Goodeids. Every video produced over the 14 year existence of Select Aquatics is here, even     
          videos that were taken down as later postings may have covered the same topic with a different approach.

          To order this full set of Select Aquatics Videos, simply email me at, and I will send you back a
          quote with the payment information, and your order will be shipped on the day following payment.

          Thank you!


          Greg Sage,


              The Videos You will Receive Include:


     Fish Care and Maintenance:

    Select Aquatics Presents - X. Doadrioi and Swordtails!
    Select Aquatics Presents - P. Velifera and Initial Tank Set up
    Select Aquatics Presents - X. mayae, Raising Fry and Sex Ratios for Breeding
    Select Aquatics Presents - The Tiger Limia and Fry Water Quality
    Select Aquatics Presents - X. Lyonsi and 3 Generation Acclamation
    Select Aquatics Presents - Synodontis lucipinnis, Cuckoo Breeding and Tank Repair
    Select Aquatics Presents - Z. Tequila, Shipping Cost and Water Quality 2018
    Select Aquatics Presents - Ameca splendens, Breeding Pet Store Fish and Keeping Goodeids!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Keeping Odessa Barbs, The Website and Feeding Fry!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Raising Large Swordtails Levamisole and Fish You Should Never Keep!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Aquarium Books Behavior and 80 Gallon Hex Repair!
    Select Aquatics Presents - The Brine Shrimp 3 Hs - Hatchers, Hatching and Harvesting!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Solving Livebearer Problems
    Select Aquatics Presents - Egg Layer Breeding for Livebearer Keepers!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Central Sumps, Earning a PhD in PVC!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Update and Green Dragon Color

    Select Aquatics Questions - Water Quality, Shipping and Green Dragons 2022
    Select Aquatics Questions - Diet, Levamisole and Creating Hybrids 2022
    Select Aquatics Questions - Water Testing, BBS Hatching, Sorting Ilyodon furcidens 2022


    Breeding Odessa Barbs Vid 1
    Breeding Odessa Barbs Vid 2
    Breeding Odessa Barbs Vid 3
    Breeding Odessa Barbs 2020 Vid 1
    Breeding Odessa Barbs 2020 Vid 2
    Breeding Synodontis Lucipinnis Video 1
    Breeding Synodontis Lucipinnis Video 2

    Select Aquatics:

    Introduction: Fishkeeping Secrets NOT Covered in these Videos!
    The Very First 2010 Fishroom Tour
    Behind the Scenes Tour 2017 - Select Aquatics
    Select Aquatics Presents - Ordering and Shipping Size 2017
    Select Aquatics Presents - Rapid Grow Plant Fertilizer, Keeping Plants and Treating Minor Disease
    Select Aquatics Presents - Building a Water Changing System and Keeping Rare Fish!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Shipping, Quarantine and Box Filters 2018
    Select Aquatics Presents-  Gen II Pleco caves, Getting Mutations and a Breather Bag Test!
    Select Aquatics Presents - Mechanical and Biological Filtration, Saving Fry and Green Dragon Availability
    Select Aquatics Presents - Fish Tour 2019
    Select Aquatics Presents - Creating a Maximum Filtration Rack for Top Water Quality Fish

    Availability Videos

    Select Aquatics Availability - Green Dragons, June 2019
    Select Aquatics Available - A. Toweri The Blue Tailed Goodeid 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Alfaro cultratus, The Knife Livebearer 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Ameca splendens, The Butterfly Goodeid 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - I. Furcidens and the Goodeid Trophotaenia 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Limia islai, The Tiger Limia 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Longfin Green Dragons September 2020
    Select Aquatics Available - Odessa Barbs 2020
    Select Aquatics Available - Pethia padamya, Odessa 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Saving A Colorful Limia from Extinction 2019
    Select Aquatics Available - X. Montezuma 2020
    Select Aquatics Available - Xenotoca doadrioi 2023
    Select Aquatics Available - Zoogoneticus Tequila 2023



                       Individual Species Videos, Pictures and Care Guides are also Included for these Fish
                              That are Currently, or were Once Sold by Select Aquatics:


             Alfaro cultratus, the Knife Livebearer
             Ameca splendens, The Butterfly Goodeid
             Ataeniobious toweri, The Blue Tailed Goodeid
             Brachyrhaphis roseni
             Chapalichthys pardalis
             Characodon audax, El Taboso, the Black Prince
             Characodon lateralis, Puente Pino Suarez
             Characodon lateralis/ audax Red
             Girardinus metallicus
             Guppy, Blue Delta
             Honduran Red Points, Blue Morph
             Ilyodon furcidens, The Trout Goodeid
             Jenynsia lineatus, The One Sided Livebearer
             Limia islai, Tiger, lake Miragoane
             Limia nigrofasciata, Hobby population
             Limia nigrofasciata, Lake Miragoane
             Limia Perugia, Boca de Cachon
             Limia sulphurophila
             Neocaridina shrimp, reverted to wild form
             Puntius padamya, "Odessa"
             Plecostomus Longfin, Green Dragon
             Plecostomus Longfin, Lemon Drop
             Plecostomus Longfin, Albino
             Poecilia velifera, The Giant Sailfin Molly
             Priapella intermedia
             Skiffia Black Beauty
             Skiffia francescae, The Golden Skiffia
             Skiffia multipunctata
             Synodontis grandiops/ multipunctata
             Synodontis lucipinnis
             Xenotoca doadrioi, San marcos
             Xenotoca lyonsi, Rio Tamazula
             Xiphophorus alvarezi
             Xiphophorus alvarezi, Albino
             Xiphophorus alvarezi, Gold
             Xiphophorus clemenciae, Rio Carolina
             Xiphophorus helleri, Blue
             Xiphophorus helleri, Golden Creek
             Xiphophorus helleri / mayae cross
             Xiphophorus helleri, Rio Otapa
             Xiphophorus mayae, Hi Fin Morph
             Xiphophorus Montezuma, Tamasopo
             Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl
             Zoogoneticus tequila, Rio teuchitlan





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