Introducing Ed's Aquatic Exotics - Offering Species No Longer at Select Aquatics!



       Ed Moats and I have been corresponding with one another for a couple of years, and I am
       pleased to announce that he has many species for sale once carried by Select Aquatics. 
       He is breeding them out in large numbers, with a facility of 110 aquariums, carrying 35 species. 
       He has been shipping many of the most favorite species that were once carried by
       Select Aquatics, and that continue to disappear from the hobby.

       Ed promptly responds to emails, and shares my passion for producing the best quality fish,
       shipped to you in the best possible condition. For those of you looking for the
       hard-to-find Characodons and Skiffias, you will find that Ed will be happy to hear from you,
       will help to prepare your tanks, and get a few pairs shipped to you.

       Please click on the link below, which will take you to his website, and if you have any
       questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop Ed or myself an email for more

       Greg Sage






   Ed Moats (L) of Eds Aquatic Exotics and Greg Sage
   of Select Aquatics on a visit to Ed's fish room, Spring 2023.




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