The Perfect Batch Brine Shrimp Hatcher / Instruction Manual




            Thank you for your purchase of the Perfect Batch Hatcher! Very simple to put together and operate, the Instructions detail how
         it is designed to create a precise salt and water mix, ensuring a .020 specific gravity and maximum hatches. If you have any questions
           or concerns, I would like to hear from you. Email me at Thank you! Greg Sage, owner, Select Aquatics.


     Print Entire Manual:  Will be Posted Shortly



   To See and Print the .pdf Pages, Updated 8-28-2021:


   Cover                                                                                  Hatcher Cover Page.pdf

   1. Perfect Batch Hatcher Inventory                                     Hatcher Inventory Page.pdf

   2. The Hatching Bottle                                                        The Hatching Bottle.pdf

   3. Construction 1                                                                Hatcher Construction 1.pdf

   4. Construction 2                                                                Hatcher Construction 2.pdf

   5. The Hatching Mix                                                            The Hatching Mix.pdf

   6. Harvesting The Shrimp                                                    Harvesting the Shrimp.pdf

   7. Freezing the Shrimp for Future Use                                 Freezing Shrimp for Future Use.pdf

   8. BBS Cysts (Eggs) and BBS Nets (Available 9-15)               BBS Cysts and Nets For Sale.pdf

   9. Replacement Parts                                                          Hatcher Replacement Parts.pdf

   10. Raising the Brine Shrimp to Adulthood                           Raising Brine Shrimp to Adulthood.pdf

   11. Thank you!                                                                    Thank You!.pdf




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