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          Sodium Thiosulfate  (Dechlorinator)


          Simply mix 1 tablespoon
         into 8 ounces of water.
         This will dechlorinate your
         tap water at one drop of
         mix to a gallon of tap water

         One pound will dechlorinate
         many thousands of gallons of tap



                              Used by larger fishrooms, this is mixed at 1 tablespoons per 8 ozs of water to create
                              the same drop per gallon dechlorination product sold in pet stores for about $1 an ounce.
                              There are 32 tablespoons in one pound of Sodium Thiosulfate.

                              Aquarists have been using it as a cheaper alternative to pet store dechlorination choices, and
                              it has been used here as the only dechlorination product for many years. This is essential for any  
                              fishroom that uses chlorinated water from the tap.

                              One tablespoon of Sodium Thiosulfate = .5 oz.. When added to 8 oz. of water, you have a
                              mix that will dechlorinate tap water at a drop per gallon. A cup will dechlorinate 3648 gallons. 
                              One pound will dechlorinate 58,360 gallons!

                              Like all medications, it must be kept from children and pets, and should not be handled.

                              The cost to ship this out to you is:

                             1 lb. Sodium Thiosulfate - $10 + $8 (Shipping) = $18


                                    Shipment is usually made on the day following payment. Thank You!



                           Greg Sage


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