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               Xiphophorus helleri Rio Otapa

      Common Name- Rio Otapa helleri

      Water Conditions- Water Movement,
      Water Changes, Temp. 72-78,

      Behavior- A Peaceful, Large Community Fish.

      Breeding- 10-50 Young Approx. Monthly

      Size- 5-6 inches

       Price: 6 2-4 Month Old Unsexed young- $40.00


       Introduced to the hobby by Rusty Wessel around 2011,
      this large and colorful population is beginning to
      reveal itself to hobbyists. This is a very hardy and
      prolific swordtail. Like other larger swords, it will
      take 6-7 months before it will begin to breed. With a
      large tank and heavy feeding, occasional males will
      exceed 6 inches, surpassing both the X. montezumae
      and even the X. mayae in length. When well fed they
      do not tend to eat their young, though young are best
      removed as soon as they are seen and raised separately.
      For a brief overview of the truly large swordtails sold
      at this site, Click HERE. For more care information,
      click Here.


    Top: A reverse trio showing males of two colorations.
    Bottom: The red spotted dorsal distinguishes this population.

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     As a wild population
     recently introduced to the 
     hobby, some variety of
     markings will appear, such
     this black spotting
     on a male in a recent
     pic taken by
     Sumer Tiwari


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