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      I have been working to put the content of the website into videos that can be referred to and reviewed easily, covering a wide variety of topics not generally seen.
     Beginning with the videos on each species, a regular section will appear where some of the most interesting emails, of many thousands that have come through Select Aquatics
     over the past 7 years, will be shared and discussed. I will never share your identity, or reveal information that will identify the authors of any correspondence.

     Videos that will be posted over the next year are described here, and a new video will appear about every 2 weeks. Approximately 30 are currently in various stages of completion.
     As new, important, and substantial topics in the fishkeeping hobby come about that apply to the fish kept here, I will address it.

     Unlike other retail/ wholesale businesses that do videos, some of whom are close friends, I do not have connections or allegiances to any sponsors or products. Because of this I
     will speak openly about both the good and the not so good that will sometimes cross each of our paths. Please feel free to let me know if you enjoy these efforts, or if you
     would like to see a topic addressed that does not seem to appear anywhere else, and I will look into it.   Thank you!   Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics



        An Intoduction to Select Aquatics,
       Tank Setup and Filtration.

       A brief overview of some of the species
      maintainedand bred in this 120 tank Fishroom.
      the approach to Water Quality, Filtration
      and Practices used to breed these fish
      in larger numbers.



    Select Aquatics Presents - Building An
  Automatics Water Changing System and 
               Keeping Rare Fish

    How to make this easy to build and inexpensive
    automatic water change system with no drilling
    or cutting of glass. Also the problem of learning
    to keep rare fish, and the inevitable,
    occasional death of fish is discussed.


   Click on pic to see video.


    Odessa Breeding #1

    This video covers the preparation before breeding
    including materials, live foods, and how to
    season the water with infusoria to create the
    largest, healthiest batches of 200-500 fry..


    Select Aquatics Presents - Z. Tequila,
       Shipping Costs and Water Quality

     One of the rarest fish offered by Select Aquatics,
     it has been subject to many efforts to reintroduce
     it to the wild. This is a pretty, peaceful fish that
     may be extinct within our lifetimes. Also the reality
     of shipping costs is discussed as well as why box
     filters are possibly the best filters you can use.


     Odessa Breeding #2

    With water prepared, this video covers the
    selection of breeders, introduction to the
    breeding tank, water maintenance and the
    accomplishment of spawning.


     Select Aquatics Presents - Shipping,
        Quarantine and Box Filters

     I have come to learn that few ship as I do,
     and some have used my boxes in videos to 
     show how to best ship fish. In this video I
     explain exactly what I do, from tank to your
     front door. A different take on Whether you
     should Quarantine is next, followed by a 
     more in depth look at Box Filters!

          Not yet posted

     Odessa Breeding #3

    Beginning with the adults removed, the fry hatch and
    are raised until they can be separated into their own
    own tanks at 30 days old. This video follows their care
    and maintenance until they are 6 weeks old.



        Not yet posted

     Select Aquatics Presents: X. doadrioi
              and Swordtail length

     This video looks at the care, temperment and
     behavior of the Xenotoca doadrioi, a very
     beautiful, easy to keep Goodeid. Questions
     discussed in this video include goodeid
     temperature and swordtail comparisons between







   Select Aquatics Presents: P. velifera
          and Initial Tank Setup

    This video looks at the care and maintenance of
    the true, wild Yucatan Peninsula Sailfin Molly,
    and how they are bred and raised at Select Aquatics.
    Questions include International Shipping,
    livebearer"shimmying' and best initial tank
    setups so that these wild livebearers will
    do well for you in your tank.




    Select Aquatics Presents: X. mayae
    and Sex Ratio Mixes for breeding.

    This video looks at the care and behavior of the
    X. mayae, discovered in 2002 and considered to
    be the world's largest swordtail. Questions
    include how best to determine proper livebearer
    male to female ratios for the greatest production
    of fry.







   Select Aquatics Presents- Ordering
           and Shipping Size

    A bit about Select Aquatics, Ordering and
    Shipping. Customer questions address
    International Shipping and best size to
    ship various species sold here.


     Select Aquatics Presents- X. lyonsi
        and 3 generation Acclimation

     This video introduces a second Xenotoca,
     formerly eiseni and now lyonsi, named after
     Dr. John lyons. Customer questions covers
     Keeping Goodeids Together, and the 3
     generations of acclimation that livebearers
     (and likely all fish) go through when
     introduced to a new environment.


   Select Aquatics Presents - The Tiger Limia
      and Fry Water Quality

   In this video the tangled history of the Tiger Limia
   is addressed, including pics of its odd and
   controversial discoverer. Then, Maintining Fry Water
   Quality when using breeders is discussed - the 
   place where many fry are lost as well as saved!




     Select Aquatics Presents - Rapid Grow
          Fertilizer, Keeping Plants and
              Treating Minor Diseases

     We all want to Keep Plants. This video shows
     how plants are routinely maintained here, and
     the inexpensive fertilizer developed for this
     Fishroom that helps keep plants doing as well
     as they do here, and how you can obtain some
     for your tank. Also, basic diagnosis and
     treatment of common minor, primarily
     bacterial afflictions is addressed, including
     use of salt, and when to use medications


     Select Aquatics Presents - Synodontis
       Lucipinnis, Cuckoo Breeding and
                     Tank Repair

     This video introduces a special line of
     Synodontis lucipinnis that was maintained
     away from the hobby for 20 years, and is
     gradually being bred out here. I also explain
     "Cuckoo Breeding", possibly the most violent
     and bizarre breeding practice anywhere, and
     answer customer questions on tank repair.




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