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                  Xenotoca doadrioi, San Marcos

    Water Conditions- Good filtration, 67-78 temp, pH 7.0- 8.0

    Behavior- Generally well behaved in species only tank. 
                    When only 1 or 2 pair, males may chase one

    Size- 1.5 inches

    Breeding- 5 - 15 young after approx. 60 day gestation. Can be
    fry eaters, young should be raised separately to ensure survival.

    Price- $25 a pair, 6 unsexed fry - $50.00



     Only known recently amongst serious hobbyists, a pic of this fish
     appeared on the homepage of the Goodeid Working Group, and
     that has had many hobbyists calling around looking for this population.
     This is an excellent species if you are new to goodeids, or are
     not able to provide the temperatures some goodeids require.

     They are hardy, can handle temperatures up to 78 degrees, are
     fairly prolific, active and well behaved with one another, though
     they are best kept in a species only tank. A gravid female shows
     a pronounced gravid spot, and will become quite large.
     5-15 large fry are born after a 60 day gestation, and females
     should be separated to have their fry, as young are often
     eaten by other adults. More info HERE.

     This fish had its name changed in 2016. It was formerly known as 
     Xenotoca eiseni, San Marcos.

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             *** Used with permission from the Goodeid Working Group

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                The bottom left picture is the photo mentioned above that has
              given this fish a resurgence in popularity. These are not my fish, 
                  but the same population bred by a European aquarist.

                       You must check out the Goodeid Working Group.
                Here is their introduction. "The Goodeid working group is a
                   voluntary and international working group. It has been
                  established in 2009. 1st May in Stockholm/Denmark as
                   a reaction on the critical situation of a lot of Goodeid
                   species and populations in the wild and the unnoticed
                      extinction of captive strains-" Please check it out!














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