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        Gen II Green Dragon Pleco Caves


      I am very pleased to announce introduction of the new, redesigned and improved Generation II Pleco Cave!
     These professionally handmade caves are now lighter, sturdier, smoother, and are at nearly half the price of the original
     Generation I caves. For those who are serious about breeding the Green Dragon Plecostomus, this is THE cave you need!
     They are also excellent for other cave spawning species of that are from 2 to 7 inches in length.

     The design was developed after 4 years of breeding many thousands of the Green Dragons, testing a wide variety of 
     commercially available caves, bells, and PVC of various sizes. There were many desired aspects that are simply not
     made into the caves currently available. Mature males consistently showed a preference for a specific style, color and  
     texture of cave, and  these Gen II caves were designed so that each of these preferences have been met. Males will often    
     take possession of these caves within 48 hrs. of being put into the tank!

     7 different types of the most popular commercially made pleco caves were tested over many months, and all were generally
     avoided by the breeding Green Dragons, including caves claimed to be used by other pleco breeders. Over 4 years, we then
     made and tested caves of many colors, shapes, and textures, carefully documenting which traits were preferred by the fish, 
     and which styles produced the most spawns.

     We needed a cave that the fish sought out to spawn in - as opposed to hoping that the fish would eventually spawn in whatever
     we provided. The Gen I caves were first produced in 2015, and we knew we were on to something when the males would  fight
     over this cave, even when other caves were present! With the new GEN II caves, by using new materials  we were able to   
     produce a lighter and sturdier cave that is even easier on the fish's fins, and at nearly half the cost of the previous caves.

     The Fish Showed Us What They Wanted:

     - They prefer a darker cave interior, but not so dark that the male could not see the back of the cave. The interior
        appearance of the cave by its shape, clay color and finish are very important. These plecos will not enter a cave
        that does not feel secure or safe to them. When the Green Dragons cannot see the back, they often will not enter it.

     - Many types of clays were used, and the new Gen II cave is a made of a finer, smoother, porous terra cotta to be both attractive
        to the plecos, but also to limit the amount of fin tearing and damage that occurs during breeding within the cave.

      - The exterior had to be within a certain color range to be secure for them, and the interior had to reflect light correctly to
        be dark enough to feel secluded, yet light enough so the males could see the back.

     - The cave is angled with a pedestal to help prevent eggs from being kicked out.

     - The cave's size will handle the largest adults. Large pairs here will often exceed 6 inches.

     - The outside texture is made so that algea and food will collect and grow on the surface. Rough striations
        are attractive to the females that then graze on the outside of the cave, staying nearby when ready to spawn.

     - Each cave has a hole drilled in the side, and made watertight so the cave can be gently and easily removed from  
        the tank to harvest the eggs or new fry, with as little disruption and trauma to the tank and breeding male as possible.

     - As we introduce these caves to our breeding pairs, younger plecos being grown out to be sold are raised with smaller
        smaller versions of these caves so they are accustomed to them as they approach breeding age. Due to requests for these
        smaller caves, these are now offered for sale as well. Not only are they perfect for adapting the young plecos to the larger
        caves they will later be provided, they work perfectly when breeding species of plecos that are not as large as the
         6 to 7 inch Green Dragons.


       Hello Greg!

       Seems you are on to something with these pleco caves. I hadn't had a spawn in over 6 months and no sooner did I put that new 
        cave in I get a spawn. I guess my old caves weren't big enough or something. I'm very pleased!

        Thank you!!
        Kara N.  Huntsville, AL             


     Can be easily and Gently lifted
       out to harvest Eggs or Fry!


Removing the eggs or new fry from the cave, past the male,
without losing any fry is often a messy and occasionally tragic
endeavor. At best the result is often a disrupted and unhappy

These caves are watertight with a drilled hole in the side so
the entire cave, with the male and spawn inside can be gently
lifted out of the tank with a wire hook. The cave can then be
carefully set down into a tub style container already filled with
aquarium water, and then gently tipped to release the fry.
Often the male will stay within the cave, and the release of
young can be such that a desired number of young can be left
behind, so the male is left with some young to raise.



    We are pleased to announce a new
    partnership with AOC Ceramics,
    specializing in top quality,
    affordable custom work in Terra cotta,
    porcelain, earthenware and stoneware.

    The friendly, skilled staff at AOC can
    create a wide range of requests for the
    aquarium hobby. They will ship worldwide.

    Please contact All Occasion Creations
    Antiques and Ceramics for that breeding
    device or custom decoration you are
    looking for!


                                 + Flat Rate 3-5 day USPS Priority Shipping

                                        1-3 Caves - USPS One Price Medium Box = Caves + $14 Shipping
                                         4 Caves - USPS One Price Large Box = Caves + $19 Shipping
                                             Please email for larger orders,
                                                                     or to ship outside of the US.








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