Brine Shrimp Hatcher

         The large hole shown in pic #3 is actually not ideal- that bottle will only hatch about1 liter of water, salt and cyst mix.
         The hole should only be large enough to pour salt and cysts in, and possible to get your fingers in to pull the airline
         tubing through to attach an airstone. So on yours, put the hole higher up, closer to where the airline enters.

         To clean it after each batch, simply fill with a little clorox and water, cover holes with palm and finger, and shake,
         then rinse thoroughly before adding the next batch.

         To hatch the Brine Shrimp cysts add 1 tablespoon of salt per quart of water (or liter- the measurement is rough), with
         about a teaspoon of cysts. Provide just enough gentle aeration to keep all of the cysts moving /suspended in the water
         under a light that stays on 24/7. After hatching in 24-36 hrs., let sit 5 minutes and bright orange shrimp will sink, cyst
         casings will float to top. Siphon out baby shrimp into a brine shrimp net. Release shrimp into fresh water to rinse, and
         feed with turkey baster or release from net to feed into aquarium. Will hatch best at about 80 degrees. Feed for highest
         nutritional value within 24 hours after hatching.



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