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                                                                         The Haifoss Sandfall Filter


                      AquaVista Aquatics designs and manufactures underwater waterfalls for the aquarium.
                      An underwater waterfall is a system that uses sand to give the illusion of an underwater
                      waterfall in your aquarium. With the introduction of the Haifoss SandFall FIlter, AquaVista
                      Aquatics now offers two different Sandfalls to meet your needs.

                      The Yosemite Sandfall - A kit that allows you to assemble the sandfall into your scape
                      using wood, rock, plants and your design a unique size and shape.

                      The Haifoss Sandfall Filter (Shown above) - A fully assembled system that can be placed
                      into your aquarium as a beautiful decoration and also functions as a three stage filter,
                      mechanical, biological, and chemical. With 550 gph of flow, it can serve as the primary
                      filter for smaller aquariums and as a supplemental filter for larger aquariums, depending
                      on the bio load of the aquarium. The Sandfall uses a resin rock to hide the components
                      and is designed to allow for you to add natural rock, wood, and plants, real or faux, to
                      give your aquarium the most natural looking Sandfall possible. The system can be used
                      as shown and does not require additional decor.

                      Visit us at to learn more about the beautiful additions to your
                      aquarium. Follow us on facebook to keep updated on our new systems as they are 
                      released and see examples of our sandfalls in aquariums.


          When I first saw this, I didn't know what to make of it, as it looked to be some type of illusion! Dave
          makes the Levamisole Spoons for Select Aquatics, and he has developed and is making these to
          ship out to other aquarists. Email him at for more info.
          The video at  is quite amazing, definitely something that will
          attract your attention!


       Greg Sage, Owner, Select Aquatics



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