The Perfect Batch 2 liter Brine Shrimp Hatcher


     Designed over 18 months with Aquavista Aquatics, this is the
    Brine Shrimp Hatcher I had been looking for all of my life. 
    Sturdy and durable for long term repeated use, it cannot be
    tipped over, and everything is premeasured so that every batch
    hatches perfectly.

    The air outlet and shrimp draining aperatures were also
    widened when compared to other hatchers, so that the shrimp
    are harvested in better condition.

    It is made to last for many years. Easy to clean, and all of the
    parts are easily replaceable simply by emailing me at

    If you have any comments, I would like to hear from you!


                          $43 Including Shipping!


    The full Manual for this Hatcher can be viewed HERE.


    Greg Sage



                       A few were sent to Select Aquatics Customers, 

                              Here is what they had to say:


                    I've got to tell you that is one of the best Hatcher’s I’ve ever used.
                Easy to put together and take apart, Sturdy, portable, and light weight.
                I viewed your PDF files on your site, simple and straight forward. cutting the
                bottle as directed was again simple.

                 Made the mix accordingly and added cysts... Removing the Shrimp was a
                 breeze with the high flow valve.
                 Cleaning the hatcher was a simple process compared to other Hatchers I've used.
                 The ease of which I can harvest the shrimp makes it so much less of a chore to do.

                  Rob P. Beacon, NY


                  Looks and functions like a professional hatcher

                  * Easy to follow instructions and setup

                  * Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble

                   * Overall, a well thought out and very intuitive approach to hatching brine shrimp

                   Using the Select Aquatic’s hatcher will continue to be part of my daily routine for
                   feeding and caring for my fish.

                   David M. Everett, WA


         's been working great for me. Consistent hatches and easy clean up.
                   I'm currently using it everyday and I really like how the air is delivered vs 
                   others I've got.

                   Sam O. Williston, ND


                    Greg, my BBS hatcher arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. I was a
                bit skeptical in the beginning thinking that it would be a bit flimsy, but after
                putting it together I found that the hatcher is very sturdy and definitely
                worth having in my fish room. I followed the installation photos and that
                made it simple to put together. It drains (harvests) quickly too which is
                another great feature! Thanks again.

                Michael B. Brampton, ON



               Comments will continue to be posted as they come in!


                 The Hatcher is also available in Black



Perfect Batch Hatcher Options

                       4" Brine Shrimp Net

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