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                 Xiphophorus birchmanni


     Common Name- The Swordless Swordtail

    Water Conditions- Good water quality required, 
    Temp. 72-80, Live plants
    pH - Slightly alkaline 7.8-8.2, moderate hardness

    Water Changes - Very important for this fish

    Food - Dry Foods, some live food preferred

    Behavior- A Peaceful Community Fish.

    Breeding- 10-30 Young Approx. Monthly,
    generally do not bother their fry.

    Size- 2.5 inches

    Price: $40.00 for a group of Six 2-4 month old unsexed


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     Once one of the most popular livebearers at shows and conventions, this
     fish is rarely seen today, and best known for its use by breeders to
     develop spectacular sailfin dorsals, such as the incredible fish developed
     by Karl Trochu at Miami Swordtails. This is one of the most dynamic and
     attractive livebearers, but they are more demanding of consistent conditions
     that are heavy on water changes and good overall water quality.

     Though a number of populations have been circulated in the hobby, the most
     highly desired line has been the large yellow form - a natural coloration,
     and this is that population. Never selectively bred or hybridized, this is the
     original hobby line from those conventions and shows of 10-20 years ago.

     Obtained about 4 years ago, they are now fully acclimated and in their
     third generation here, and a small colony are now producing fry and can
     be offered for sale in limited availability.

     Here we use crushed Oyster shell in their tanks, as the water here is
     90ppm, and they seem to prefer slightly harder water.

     When comfortable they can be fairly prolific, and occasional live foods
     are much appreciated.

     For more information on this fish, see the species Care Guide HERE.

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                        A young reverse trio in a shot taken from the video HERE.

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