Xiphophorus alvarezi Videos


This video shows the incredible beauty of this fish, though the blue sheen that covers the
caudal peduncle canít really be seen in the video. This population has lost its collection location,
but its color patterns identify it as possibly coming from northern Guatemala. Click on pics to view.



When well fed with consistent water changes, these will get fairly large, and the red coloring is
always deep and intense.



This is a video of some of the earlier breeders.


The males of this fish become almost entirely red with a blue sheen as they get older, the females
also have a strong blue sheen over red striping along the sides.

An active community fish, with heavy feeding and good water quality these will get fairly
large, though smaller than the X. mayae.

Easy to breed, the gravid females should be moved to their own small tank to drop their fry,
which are then raised separately.




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