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                      Xiphophorus alvarezi

              Common Name-The Blue Swordtail

             Water Conditions- Water Movement,
             Water Changes, Temp. 70-80,

             Behavior- A Peaceful Community Fish.

             Breeding- 10-50 Young Approx. Monthly

             Size- 4 inches

             Price: $8.50
             6 fry- $35.00



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      This is arguably the most beautiful of the wild Xiphophorus swords.
      Often a blue sheen will appear in a picture of a fish that makes it look
      more colorful than it actually is, but from the belly back to the caudal
      fin this fish really does reflect a blue and red sheen when a light is
      shown on it. As they get older, some of the males will turn almost
      entirely red.

      Similar to most swords, this fish does best in at least a 20 gallon
      aquarium with some water movement and consistent water changes.
      Unlike the X. mayae, this is not a shy fish (nor is the X. nezhualcoyotl),
      and though plants are much appreciated, they are not essential for
      this species to do well. When you pull the females as they become
      ready to drop, raise the young until they are large enough not to be
      eaten, and the population will increase quickly. I introduced an albino
      alvarezi to the hobby that was born from this line, and the albino
      mutation has been repeated on a number of occasions.

      Females, depending on age will drop between 10 and 50 fry.
      An easy to keep, hardy, and beautiful fish. More information Here.


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