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                            Skiffia multipuncata, Restar, La Isle Zamora     


       Water Conditions- Effective Filrtation and Regular
       Water Changes, Aeration, some Water Movement.
       Temp 68-75 degrees.
       Provide Plants for Security and better Water Quality.

       Behavior- A Generally Peaceful Goodeid

       Breeding- 5-15 Young Every 2 Months

       Size- A smaller Goodeid, about 2- 2.5 inches.

       Price- $10.00 each, $20 pair. $40 for Fry group of 6.

     Recently found to have disappeared from hobbyist
     tanks in the US., this hardy and prolific goodeid
     has been re-obtained from having been carried here
     many years ago. This line has less black than those
     originally carried, but this is simply a result of the
     pairs I received, this is not a different line or
     population, which can be seen HERE. we are 
     building up larger numbers in a colony breeding 
     setup and focusing on males with greater black

     Very well behaved, they are also fairly prolific,
     needing to maintained in uncovered tanks with
     temperatures of 68-75 degrees. Do not cover the
     tanks with this fish. More on covering the tank can 
     be found HERE. The Care guide for this fish can
     be found HERE.


      Like most goodeids, the females look similar
            to females of other goodeid species


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   A young male. The
   fish carried here
   years ago had more
   black, and the broad
   dark splotching is
   beginning to come
   back. They are
   yellow with black
   markings, and in
   appropriate lighting
   many have a powder
   blue overcast.





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