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                   Characodon lateralis, Puente Pino Suarez     

       Common Name- The Rainbow Goodeid

       Water Conditions- Not critical, but
       They Require Effective
       Filtration and Regular Water Changes.
       Temp 67-75 degrees.
       Provide Plants for security.

       Behavior- A Generally Peaceful Goodeid

       Breeding- 5-10 Young Every 2 Months

       Size- A smaller Goodeid, about 2- 2.5 inches.

       Price- $12.50 each, $25 pair.

  This population was only recently discovered, and is just 
  beginning to be introduced to the hobby. Though it is the
  same species as the red Los Berros popuation, also being
  worked with at Select aquatics, it is different in a number
  of ways. Our experience has been that this fish is far more
  prolific than the Los Berros, and the Los berros has been in
  the hobby for many years. In fact, the all red fish worked with
  here has been selectively bred to emphasize and bring out that
  red color. The Puente Pino suarez are entirely wild fish, and
  though you will have occasional males with beautiful orange
  bodies, all have those striking orange fins outlined in black.

  Most broods will be 10- 15, but the females breed more
  consistently, where with the Los Berros a female may produce
  only 2 spawns over the course of their breeding season
  (roughly May to October at this fishroom). In an aquarium 
  placed in an area without seasonal cues, they may breed
  year around.

  For more information on their care, click HERE.


      Females are nearly identical to the females
            of other populations of Lateralis.


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     A beautiful fish!





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